Dropped Airpods in Water? : SAVE Them with This FIX

AirPods are handy and it is a disadvantage in itself. The worse thing is dropping AirPod in water and this is an unwanted dip that can affect your pods.

But, the good news is you can fix it.

So, How to Fix Dropped Airpods in Water Problem?

The best way to get water out of AirPods is to use a microfiber towel to wipe it upside down. While Apple recommends this method, you can also use desiccant packets or a blow dryer to dry the wet region of AirPods and get them back to normal.

dropped airpods in water

In attempting one of these methods, you should take precautions and you will put your AirPods at risk. In this article, you will learn how to remove water from AirPods safely and without any damage to your pods.

How to Remove Water from Airpods Dropped in Water?

There are three ways by which you can remove water from AirPods dropped in water.

Approach 1. Use a microfiber cloth

As soon as you drop AirPods into a mug of water, they get immersed entirely and the structure of Apple AirPods pro allows easy movement of water into the device.

  • Take AirPods out of the case.
  • Gently dry AirPods pro using a microfiber cloth.

Make sure this is done in the upside-down position so that neither air nor water suffers from movement issues. Once they are completely dried, ensure that the case is dry too so that there is no damage between pods and the case.

If at all your case is still wet, you can use a cloth and follow the steps mentioned above and the problem of airpods in water should be fixed.

This is also the perfect solution recommended by Apple to its users.

Note. When your AirPods are immersed, remember not to connect them to electricity or it can lead to short-circuiting problems. It could also lead to one earbud not charging later!

Approach 2. Use a blow dryer

If microfiber cloth has not really helped in drying your AirPods, you can use airwaves from a blow dryer. Take out the AirPods from the case and then blow-dry the outer area.

This approach works if the water has only reached the outer region and has not got entirely immersed. If you find water inside AirPods, you should try an alternate approach or it can cause one earbud not working issue which can be fixed by our guide.

In some cases, cotton swabs can help in removing water from AirPods and the case. However, these swabs don’t work when your airpods get wet entirely.

Since a majority of our houses have access to blow dryers, this is a free method to fix AirPods dropped into water.

Note. Do not use a blow dryer at a high temperature since it can harm your AirPods pro and cause AirPods pro stuck on flashing white light issue. Set it to a warm temperature and use it.

Approach 3. Place airpods around desiccant packets

If your AirPods have been dropped in a mug of water and your case is safe, you can explore this method. It sucks up the entire moisture and makes your AirPods work normally.

If you have access to desiccant packets at home, simply place your wet AirPods amidst these packets and close the container for a few hours. These packets will suck the moisture and let you use them again.

If you live with your parents, you will certainly be asked to place your AirPods inside a rice bag. Does placing AirPod inside a rice bag dry entirely? Well, it does to some extent but comes with added disadvantages.

The problem is that little particles or dust inside the rice bag can easily get into those tiny holes of airpods in water. At a later stage, it can hamper the working condition of AirPods. Hence, it is always recommended to go with Apple’s suggestion or use extremely safe procedures that can protect AirPods and the case.

What if none of the steps mentioned above is working?

You should take AirPods to the Apple customer service center for a repair. If there is internal damage, the customer service department will charge you for the same. Alternatively, if it is a normal one, the problem would be fixed instantly and you would be recommended to make use of a water-resistant case to stay extra careful during rainy or watery times.

Are AirPods waterproof or water-resistant?

AirPods are not waterproof but the latest models of them are water-resistant and they can handle times when they are exposed to sweat or moisture from a different source.

To find out if your AirPod is water-resistant, you should determine the model and generation it belongs to. The next step is to check the product manual book to find out if there is any section on water resistance. If yes, your AirPods are likely to be resistant to water.

If you do not want to break your head on finding out the resistant nature, it is ideal to keep them dry at all times. Better not to risk when you are not ready to break up with your AirPods or spend extra bucks for fixing it!

Do AirPods have a water damage indicator?

AirPods don’t have an inbuilt indicator for water damage. In case of water exposure, AirPods might not flicker light and pose connectivity issues with your iPhone. If it works fine, it implies that AirPods are not invariably affected and can be fixed.

The unfortunate thing about dropped your airpods in water is that it does not have a water damage indicator and it is not waterproof either. At times when your precious thing falls into a pile of debris or water, it can pose serious issues because you couldn’t detect the exact reason.

A tip is to look at the bottom mesh of apple AirPods to find it is affected by any liquid. If so, there is likely water damage that needs to be fixed.

How to prevent AirPods from getting water damage?

AirPods are expensive objects that need extra attention at least for the money you have spent and its internal features. Here are a few tried and tested ways by which you can prevent AirPods from getting water damage.

  • Avoid carrying AirPods at all times and to all places. When you enter the restroom, the splash from the pipe can automatically enter into those tiny holes of AirPods damaging the audio output.
  • Avoid placing AirPods inside a place filled with moisture. This is a method by which you can protect your AirPods from dust and water damage.
  • Avoid exposure of AirPods to sweat. The most common source of damage that can happen to AirPods is sweat. If you go to gyms, this tip is for you.

Perhaps, it is a common practice to carry AirPods along with its case during fitness activities. This can naturally let sweat enter into the case and damage the device.

  • Make use of a water-resistant case for AirPods. This will safeguard the case in all climates and environments. Even when you leave the case in a watery area, there are more chances for the case and the AirPods to be protected.
  • Follow a cleaning routine for AirPods. The cleaning routine helps in eliminating moisture or dust that got stored just before. When they are not cleaned for long, the device can get disrupted. You can also follow steps for airpods mentioned in How to clean Powerbeats Pro guide!

Does Apple offer a warranty for AirPods water damage?

Unfortunately, Apple’s warranty does not support water damage and you need AppleCare+ if you may need coverage for water damage.

In that case, you may have to spend around $29 to get this extended warranty but it is absolutely worth it if your dropped your airpods. If you are a messy person who forgets things, you need this warranty to protect your AirPods from sweat or getting dropped into water.

With this extended warranty in place, your AirPods can also get replaced when they are faulty.


AirPods are expensive and you can’t take chances with them, especially in the case of water damage. We have covered a handful of approaches to protect AirPods from water damage.

Nevertheless, you should prioritize purchasing a water-resistant case for AirPods and follow practices that avoid exposure to water damages. Most importantly, get an AppleCare+ extended warranty for AirPods. This will protect the case and pods and you do not have to pay extra.

Practice extra care and attention for your AirPods today and you can see how it stays strong assuring value for money. Of course, remember not to carry them in places containing water.

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