Can You Use Airpods on PS4 & PS5 in 2022? [ANSWERED]

Are you a gamer who recently purchased AirPods for an outstanding gaming experience?

While this can be a costly affair, the unfortunate thing is that some PlayStations lack Bluetooth compatibility.

So, Can You Use Airpods on PS4?

You can use AirPods on PS4 and PS5 using a Bluetooth adaptor since the gaming consoles do not support Bluetooth accessories yet.

airpods on ps4

Bluetooth profiles on PlayStations and regular devices are different.

Simply plug in the adapter and you can enjoy gaming audios on your AirPods.

Now that you have learned that it is feasible, it is time to understand how to make it happen. Let’s begin!

How to connect AirPods to PS4 or PS5?

Before you connect, you should purchase a Bluetooth adapter that has audio capability matching that of your PlayStation.

We would recommend purchasing a Gulikit adapter or Airfly adapter to connect Airpods to your gaming console.

Whether you have the aforementioned adapters or purchased a different one, whether you have a PS4 or PS5 console, you can still connect your AirPods with them by following a few steps.

We shall divide the guide into two sections – adapter-AirPod pairing and console-setup.

How to connect AirPods to PS4 with an Adapter

Here is how you can connect airpods to PS4:

  • Plugin the Bluetooth adapter into the USB port on the console.
  • The adapter is now ready to pair with another device. You can notice a flashing light or beep sound on your adapter confirming pairing mode.
  • With AirPods inside the case, long-press the sync/power button.
  • When the indicator turns white, it can be paired directly to the adapter.
  • On your console, select settings and devices.
  • To hear on your AirPods, select Audio devices.
  • Change output device dropdown list to “All audio” from “output to headphones”.

To double-confirm if your console is connected to your AirPods, play a game for a few seconds. If you can hear the sound, it means the connect airpods to ps4 is successful.

Going forward, you do not have to follow any of the steps mentioned above. Leave it plugged in and continue playing!

How to connect AirPods to PS5 without an adapter?

Having said that a Bluetooth adapter is all you need to connect AirPods to PS5 and PS4, many of you might not be keen to spend those extra bucks. In that case, you still have great options left.

You can use the Remote Play app on your smartphone or smart TV to use AirPods on PS5 and PS4 without a Bluetooth adapter. Of course, all of these are without spending extra bucks.

Connect AirPods to PS5 using a smartphone

Do you have a smartphone with you? Follow the steps below and the connection happens automatically.

  • Download the Remote Play app from the app store on your smartphone.
  • Sign in to the account.

Note. Your PlayStation should be turned on already.

  • Allow the smartphone to search for consoles around. When it spots your PS4 or PS5, you should adjust the settings.
  • Under settings, select Bluetooth.
  • Under Bluetooth settings, tap the name of the console and the pairing is successful.

Just like how you connect your phone to any other device, you can connect AirPods as well. Simply plugin AirPods to your phone and you can listen to the sounds of the game. If in case you dropped airpod in water, here is what to do to save airpods!

Perhaps, it works only with the Remote Play app and you cannot skip this option.

Connect AirPods to PS5 using a smart TV

As most of the houses have smart TVs lately, you can attempt a wireless connection of AirPods to PS4 or PS5. Follow the steps below.

  • Connect the HDMI cable of the console to your smart TV in an appropriate port to connect your airpods.

Note. If you are unsure where the port is in your smart TV, you can make use of the user manual.

  • Leaving AirPods inside the case, turn on pairing mode with a long press of the power button.
  • Using remote, press the Settings button and then select Sound.
  • You can notice an option to sync. Press Sound Sync.
  • Tap on Sound Out and then choose Bluetooth.
  • Another window opens where you should select your AirPod name.

Tap on the AirPod and the pairing is successful.

How to adjust the volume on the Remote Play app?

When you find that the volume is too low or too high, all you need to do is to follow a few steps.

  • Log on to the Remote Play app.
  • Tap on Quick Menu.
  • Choose Sound Devices.
  • You can see an option to adjust the microphone level.
  • Tap on it and adjust the slider as you wish.

Can you use Airpods to chat with others on PS4 or PS5?

Using AirPods to chat with other gamers on PS4 or PS5 isn’t directly feasible since Bluetooth adapters, in general, do not have input sound features and restrict to output sounds. While you can listen to sounds from the console, you cannot talk or chat with other gamers.

If you have extra bucks, you can chat with other gamers by purchasing headphones made exclusively for PlayStations.

Tip. Purchase along with the console so you can bag exciting discounts.


Gamers generally spend adequately on PlayStations and other accessories mainly for the experience. While simulations can be outstanding, you need to have proper accessories that are PlayStation-compatible.

In this case, to connect airpods to ps4 is very much feasible although it is not a straightforward process. You need a standardized Bluetooth adapter that can work on PlayStations and also simplify the connectivity.

In this article, you would have learned different ways to connect and use airpods to your ps4. If gaming is your career, we would recommend you to purchase PlayStation-friendly accessories in the first place since it adds ease going forward.

Happy gaming with AirPods and PlayStation! Before you go, check out our guide on powering on welcome to altec lansing!

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