One Earbud Not Charging : EASY GUIDE To Fix Them!

No matter which earbud you are using, one of the most common issues users face is when either one of the earbuds doesn’t charge.

One of the main reasons why the earbuds are not charging could be because there is a problem with the charging case or the earbuds themselves.

So, How to Fix One Earbud Not Charging Issue?

If either your right or the left earbud is not charging then the easiest way you can fix the issue is by ensuring that you are charging your earbuds with the original charger and that your charging case and your earbuds are clean and free of dust and debris.

Fix One Earbud Not Charging

In most cases, users have faced issues with their wireless earbuds not charging or either the left or the right earbuds charging. Users also face left earbud not working issue along with this.

Let us understand this issue by understanding different brands and the charging issues with their earbuds.

How To Fix Samsung left earbud not charging (or Right)

Some of the reasons why either the left or the right side of your Samsung earbuds are not charging are 

  • You are not using the original charger for charging your earbuds
  • Your Samsung earbud case is dirty and full of debris
  • Charger is not well connected
  • Your Samsung earbuds are not updated
  • You haven’t restarted your Samsung earbuds
  • You haven’t reset your Samsung earbuds

Using original charger – When charging your Samsung earbuds, ensure that you are using the original charger that came with your Samsung Earbuds.

Using a different charger might damage your earbuds by overheating the case. Moreover, a third-party charger might not be compatible with your Samsung earbuds preventing you from enojying movies and music from Tamilblasters.

Check the charging contacts and the charging port for dust

Dirty Earbud case – Ensure that your Samsung earbuds case is clean and free of any dust or debris.

When the charging cases are dirty, they might hamper the earbuds from getting charged which is why one of the earbuds might end up not charging and could lead to one earbud louder than the other.

Charger well connected – While connecting your charger to your Samsung earbuds ensure that the charger is well connected to the power and the charging case.

If not then your earbuds might not get charged properly and prevent you from enjoying Vegamovies unblock.

Updated Samsung earbuds – if your earbuds do not have the latest and updated software, you might face some charging issues with your earbuds.

To update the earbuds use the Samsung wearable app and follow the steps

  • Download the app from the app store and pair your earbuds with your phone
  • Now put the earbuds in their case with the lid open
  • Now on your phone go to settings and to about earbuds
  • Now go to update earbud software
  • Download the software and install it for your earbuds to get updated

Sometimes even re-pairing works, just like in the case of powerbeats pro – here is how to pair powerbeats pro!

Restart your Samsung earbuds – If you are facing problems with one of your earbuds not charging then try restarting your earbuds.

To do so place the earbuds into their case with the lid open for 30-40 seconds and take them out. Putting the earbuds into the case helps in restarting the earbuds.

Resetting your Samsung Earbuds – If restarting your earbuds does not help in resolving the issue then you should reset your earbuds.

In order to reset your galaxy earbuds: 

  • Open the Samsung app
  • On the about section go to earbuds and click on it
  • Select reset earbuds and click on confirm

Fix One Airpod Pro Not Charging : Left or Right

In order to One Airpod Pro Not Charging issue, try cleaning the Airpods and the case especially the bottom area where the Airpods make contact with the case. Also make sure to Check that the battery level in your charging case is not very low.

If one of the best earbuds for phone calls i.e. Airpods is not charging even after you have cleaned the Airpods and their charging case then you should try the given ways to fix the issue such as

Check that the battery level in your charging case is not very low – Ideally, once the battery of your Airpods case goes below 10% they do not charge your Airpods.

It is important to keep checking your battery time and again. To do so

  • Put your Airpods on their case and close the lid
  • Bring the case close to your phone
  • Your Airpods will now appear on your phone screen and it will show you the percentage of battery in your case

Place your Airpods in their case correctly – One of the reasons why one of your Airpods might not be charging might be because of the placement of the Airpods.

If the pods are not placed correctly in the case then also they might not be able to charge properly and may cause issues similar to Powerbeats Pro Red Light Blinking!

Check the charging cable – Sometimes if the charging cable is defective it cannot deliver power to the earbuds which result in either both or one of them not charging.

Ensure that the charger you are using to charge your device is an original one from the brand. Check the cable for any defects by testing it with your other Apple devices such as iPhone or Mac.

Resetting Airpods – If your Airpods are facing a software-related problem they might face difficulty in charging. Resetting your Airpods however, could resolve the issue and to reset the Airpods you will have to do the following

  • Place your Airpods in their respective case and close the lid
  • Wait for 30-40 seconds before opening the lid again
  • Now got to your phone settings and go to Bluetooth
  • On your Bluetooth screen tap on the icon i which appears next to your Airpods
  • Click on forget this device and click on confirm
  • Now open the lid of the Airpod case again
  • Press and hold the button which is in the back of the case for round 15-20 seconds
  • You will see the status light flashing amber
  • Your Airpods have now been reset and you can start charging them again to see if the issue is fixed

Faulty Battery or charging port – There could be a possibility that the earbud’s battery or charging port has got damaged.

If you keep the earbuds in your pockets, then they could have got damaged or due to prolonged usage, their battery could have died.

The only way to rectify this issue is by visiting the authorized service center for your earbud brand. Do not try to open the earbuds on your own as it will voice the warranty.

If the above solutions are not able to resolve the issue then we suggest you take your Airpods or Earbuds to the service center and seek professional help.

Please do not try to open the Airpods or try and fix the issue on your own. This will only complicate things further. If you want to use airpods on pc, here is how to use apple earbuds as mic on pc!

How to take care of earbuds /Airpods?

In order to take good care of your earbuds to enjoy movies from TamilMV

  • Clean your earbuds regularly – Use a clean piece of cloth to clean your earbuds at frequent intervals. Ensure that there are no dust, wax, or debris in your earbuds. You can also use a cotton swab to clean the stains and debris
  • Use good and genuine products – When using the earbuds ensure that you are using the genuine charger to charge them. Using cheap products will only damage your earbuds beyond repair
  • Store your earbuds in their case – After using the earbuds ensure that you store them in their case and not throw them anywhere. Keep the case clean at all times to avoid accumulating any dust particles
  • Charge earbuds when battery is low – Do not keep charging your earbuds whenever you notice a drop in their charge. Your earbuds needs to be charged only when the percentage of battery goes down below 20%
  • Keep your earbuds away from water/rain – Refrain from wearing your earbuds in the rain or while in the shower or the pool. Although your earbuds may be water resistant but they can never be water proof

We do understand that the emotion that you go through when only one of your gadgets is facing any trouble is frustrating.

Especially when the problem occurs to one of the gadgets without which you can’t make do. In the article today we have tried and addressed all the concerns when it comes to earbuds.


We hope that you find this article helpful and enjoyed reading it. Charging issues often crop up with wireless earbuds but there is no need for you to panic.

The next time you have any charging-related problems with your earbuds hopefully this article will be able to help you and resolve the problem.

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