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Unleash the Boom. Fill your room with sound, and have your friends wishing they had one. Design your own skin or rep your team with our skins that make it fully customized to your liking.

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Product Description

Hello, I’m DBoom®. 


The world’s first personalized bluetooth portable speaker. 











DBoom® NFC-ConnectTM.

Bluetooth 3.0 and near field communication (NFC) make DBoom® compatible with today’s and tomorrow’s wireless devices.  Stream Bluetooth wireless from any A2DP compatible device: iPad® , iPhone® , Android®  and Blackberry®  devices.  Do you have an NFC enabled phone?  Well,
 we have that pairing option too! Deliver powerful room filling sound from your music, movies, TV shows, videos, games and apps.











DBoom® ConferenceTM

This portable and lightweight speaker lets you not only blast your music but also take phone calls through the built-in noise cancelling microphone.  Stop the music, take care of your phone call, and then let the party play on, all hands free.











DBoom® Hi-Fi.

There is a reason it is called DBoom®.  It has 6 watts of powerful stereo output from 2 custom high fidelity audio drivers and the engineered passive sub-woofers provide the rich bass output that puts the Boom in DBoom®.

The Battery Keeps on Going.

With a high capacity 2600mAH lithium-ion battery, listen to music for up to 12 hours.  The battery is also re-changeable so you can switch it out for a fully charged one and have an industry best, endless playtime!












DBoom ReplicateTM.

Connect an unlimited amount of DBoom units with our audio out port.  We have built in a “daisy-chain” option so you can connect to any audio device with a 3.5 mm jack (home stereo, car, or other portable speaker).  You can even connect up to 100 DBooms® or more together! 








DBoom Speaker

Instruction Manual

1 Custom Carry Bag

1 Audio Cord - 3.5mm

1 Micro USB Charger Cord




Enjoy sound like you’ve never heard it or seen it before and be ready for the bass from our DBoom ® Bluetooth wireless speaker by musemini.com.  It is a Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC enabled portable speaker that fills multiple rooms with high fidelity audio sound. 

 The DBoom® gives you complete audio freedom and lets you customize to your heart’s desire with our skin design partner.  You can select from an endless amount of professional sports teams, brands, and you can even create a custom design on your own.  With a simple click of a mouse, you can have a new design week after week.  After carefully selecting the best design idea for customization, the use of a skin was a perfect match so that our customers can truly customize to their liking.  Whatever your style and whoever your favorite team is, DBoom® audio and custom skins shows your personality and your love of music.

Bluetooth was so 2011, so we also added near field communication (NFC) to our speaker.  We designed our speaker so it would be ahead of the game and be compatible with new technology.  Stream your music up to a range of 33 feet for up to 12 hours on a single battery charge.   If you ever wanted to party all night, DBoom® has you covered.

Get a phone call while listening to music?  No worries, our built in noise cancelling microphone takes you from the party to the boardroom in a matter of seconds.  Finish up your phone call, close the deal, and then get back to the party. Oh and that’s all hands-free.  Impressive, but you deserve it.

What else?  DBoom® gets a full dynamic range across all frequencies in the audible spectrum allowing the speaker to reach over 95db at 2ft.  Don’t get too close or you might just feel like you’re live at the concert.  6 watts and major bass to boot, this speaker really puts out some punch.  Our design is optimized with volumetric calculations matched to our premium drivers to achieve a rich and full sound. It’s as loud as it is sexy.

We wanted to give more battery.  Our powerful 2600mAH li-ion battery will keep you rocking…All.Night.Long. Up to 20 hours playtime on a single charge at 50% volume.  We also left a removeable battery door available for you to sneak in and switch out the battery giving you and industry best endless playtime on our speaker. Yeah, the exchangeable li-ion battery option is like a unicorn in the speaker market. Fortunately, in DBoom it is real.

When you feel like you’ve adjusted to the loud volumes, we are impressed to hear you are interested in hearing louder music.  Don’t worry, we got you covered.  Our Audio out port allows you to daisy-chain this to any other audio device with a 3.5mm jack.  Whether it is another DBoom® or your home stereo, plug it in and you are now connected via Bluetooth to both devices at the same time giving you plenty of decibels to make your neighbors want to move.  Fill yourself and a few others with joy by turning on the DBoom®.



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