Top 5 Best Motorcycle Earbuds Of 2022 (July Reviewed)

Is it legal to wear earbuds while riding a motorcycle? What are the best motorcycle earbuds? Get the answers to these questions and more in the article below.

Most Portable

MEE audio M6 Memory

Best Choice

UClear Digital Pulse

Budget One

MEE audio M6 PRO

Riding With The Love For Music

There’s nothing better than riding around town on your very own motorcycle. However, as exhilarating as the experience can be, it can also become pretty boring, especially on long trips. After all, motorcycles don’t have built-in audio systems like cars do!

Well, there is one thing that can fix that problem. You can always wear headphones under your helmet! However, there are quite a few caveats to that statement.

Obviously, motorcyclists should be able to hear what’s going on around them while they’re riding. There are also other concerns you might have about listening to music while on your bike. But we’ll talk about that later on. For now, let’s focus on why you might want or even need to wear headphones in this situation at all.

Even if you aren’t planning to enjoy your favorite tunes on a long ride, having earbuds in your ears would enable you to take calls while cruising around and hear instructions from your GPS device. Conversely, earbuds with active noise-canceling technology could remove wind noise, making it easier to hear more unexpected sounds.

Ultimately, there are plenty of reasons to look into getting a headset you can wear under your helmet. But, before we get into those, let’s take a look at our contenders for the best motorcycle earphones on the market.

Reviews of the Top Motorcycle Earbuds

1. UClear Digital Pulse

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect surround sound experience, you might just get it with the UClear Digital Pulse helmet speakers. These are some of the best drop-in speakers when it comes to sound reproduction, as long as you place them close enough to your ears.

Before you order them, you’ll want to make sure you have room inside your helmet. Furthermore, since these kinds of speakers aren’t great at canceling background noise, make sure your helmet is good on that front.

This product comes with two speakers that are connected with a cord, as well as several spacers and pieces of Velcro that’ll help you with the setup. Once you get these speakers mounted, they won’t budge — so make sure you pick the right spot. The speakers have a short cord that ends just below the helmet, which you can plug into the extension audio cord you’ll also get.

While that auxiliary cord doesn’t have volume control keys, the cable on the Pulse Plus speakers does. However, we’ve discovered that this feature is a bit touchy and can even cut off the music. Getting the regular model might be a safer bet.

Overall, these speakers have excellent sound quality. Even though they’re incredibly inexpensive, their performance is on par with more expensive systems from Sena or Bose.

  • This drop-in sound system is incredibly affordable
  • The speakers were designed for helmets
  • They can be incredibly loud — and the sound quality is excellent
  • You’ll be able to easily install them inside your helmet
  • The cord may impair movement, especially if you usually prefer wireless models
  • There are no controls or microphone on the basic Pulse model
  • These kinds of products can’t prevail over wind noise at high speeds

2. MEE audio M6 Memory

The 2018 versions of the MEE audio M6 Memory earbuds have proven themselves to be the perfect sports headphones. Because of the way they’re designed, they’ll sit flush to your head, curling around your ears, which should make them difficult to dislodge as you put your helmet on. We’ve all damaged headphones by being too careless with our helmets, so we’d rather avoid repeat experiences.

As you might have guessed, this corded model is one of several versions of this product that came out in 2018. However, you can also get a wireless Bluetooth version or a corded one with a built-in microphone.

The most interesting part about these headphones is the memory wire that allows you to mold them to the shape of your ear. You’ll put in the headphones upside down, then fold the wire behind your ear, and tighten the cord closure around your neck. When you put your helmet on, the earbuds should stay in place.

Finally, in addition to the headphones, you’ll also get a carrying case, six pairs of ear tips, and even a clip you can use to secure the cable. These accessories should allow you to customize your user experience completely.

  • Excellent high- and mid-range notes, as well as acceptable bass
  • A lightweight model that wraps around your ears and fastens at your neck
  • The product includes a travel case and six pairs of ear tips
  • In-ear motorcycle earbuds do a good job of blocking out background noise
  • The cord may cause problems, but you can also get a wireless version of these headphones
  • No media controls on the cable, so you won’t be able to change songs or answer calls while riding the bike
  • The bass isn’t as rich as it could be

3. MEE audio M6 PRO

The 2nd Gen MEE audio M6 PRO is the upgraded version of the previous product we’ve reviewed from the same company. Surprisingly, they’re in the same price range, despite having different features.

One thing is certain: the sound quality of these headphones is on par with professional studio equipment. We were particularly impressed with how well-rounded the mid-tones were. What’s more, the 2nd Generation version of these headphones shows a marked improvement of the bass reproduction.

Generally, these headphones are perfect for listening to acoustic and live music, as well as podcasts. They fare a bit worse with electronic music, though.

Like the previous MEE audio headphones we reviewed, these come with a carrying case. In it, you’ll find the headphones, a quarter-inch adaptor, and a multitude of ear tips, all united to provide you with the best experience possible.

One of the greatest difficulties motorcycle owners face is finding ways to manage the excess noise that comes with driving an open vehicle. In addition to the silicone tips, these headphones also come with foam Comply Isolation Premium ones. You can even get custom tips from MEE audio, which should create a passive noise-insulating seal.

You’ll also get two cords: one with a microphone and another without, which you can detach from the earbuds. If you decide that you’d like to try a wireless headset, you can purchase a separate Bluetooth-enabled neckband.

  • The headphones come with a carrying case, two different styles of ear tips in three different sizes and a pair of foam tips
  • They also have two detachable cables, with and without a microphone, and media controls
  • There are memory hooks over each ear
  • Incredible sound quality for the price and excellent mid-range tones
  • Slightly weaker high- and low-range sound reproduction

4. Shure SE215-K

Shure headphones are generally considered to be the cream of the crop, especially when it comes to noise-reduction features. The Shure SE215-K motorcycle earbuds have been around for years already, so they have been tried and tested. In fact, they’re quite similar to the product we have just reviewed.

The most noticeable similarity between these headphones and the ones we just saw is the detachable cable. The cord also has a bendable wire near the earbud connector, allowing you to fit it comfortably around your ear.

However, it should be noted the cable itself is pretty thick. While that does make it durable and long-lasting, some people may find it a bit bulky. Still, you can always get the detachable Bluetooth-enabled cord.

Furthermore, these earbuds come with a soft carrying case that has an attachment clip that’s ideal for travel. The headphones come with foam tips that can create a perfect seal inside your ear canal. In addition to those tips, you’ll get two other styles in three different sizes.

Overall, the sound quality these earbuds offer is pretty impressive, though it lacks some of the deepest bass notes. However, they’re excellent at producing the higher bass range as well as the mid-range frequencies. Ultimately, these are some of the best headphones for people who want all sounds to be united into high-quality audio reproduction.

  • These headphones should last for years
  • They have a detachable and incredibly durable cable that wraps around your ear
  • They come with different ear tips, some of which can create an excellent seal
  • The carrying case the headphones come with may be too soft to protect them properly
  • There are no media controls or microphone on the cable
  • The high frequencies could be better

5. Snug Phones

The Snug Phones are the first truly wireless headphones we’ll review today. While other models give you the chance to buy a replacement Bluetooth-enabled cord, these ones are wireless right off the bat.

As the name of the product suggests, there’s a pretty big claim the manufacturer is making here. Namely, they guarantee that these motorcycle earbuds will never fall out of your ears. Is that the case?

Well, due to the design of the double-flange silicone ear tips, these headphones probably won’t budge. Since you have to be able to put your helmet on without the earbuds falling out, that’s a pretty important feature. What’s more, that same feature will provide some passive noise reduction, which will help on the road.

These are, undoubtedly, the best wireless earbuds for those who are worried about having to deal with cables during a ride. The microphone and the volume control buttons are all on the cord that keeps the two earbuds united. However, it may be difficult to switch songs and answer calls while the cable is in your helmet. But then again, that’s an issue we’d have with any wireless Bluetooth model.

The earbuds come with a carrying case and an extra set of tips. While the battery is rechargeable, the headphones come with a USB charging cord, so you’ll have to use an adapter you already own.

  • A single battery charge should get you 8–12 hours of use, depending on the volume you use
  • The earbuds are lightweight and comfortable
  • The tips are also waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about sweat or rain
  • They come with a convenient carrying case and one set of replacement tips
  • The sound quality isn’t particularly impressive

Top Motorcycle Earbuds: Runners-Up

Now that we’ve looked at five of the best earphones for motorcycle owners, we’d like to offer our thoughts on three runners-up.

6. Elgin Ruckus

The Elgin Ruckus wireless earbuds have many of the features we’ve seen in our top contenders. A part of the cable sits around your neck while another length of the cord goes up to your ears from the collarbone.

The triple-flange silicone ear tips completely encapsulate the speakers, making these motorcycle earbuds weather-resistant. The headset doesn’t include replacement ear tips, but you do get a carrying case that also fits a charging cable.

Furthermore, while the tips do provide some passive noise reduction, the speakers themselves don’t offer active noise-canceling technology. However, we were happy to see that the built-in microphone is noise-canceling, which allows you to be heard over the wind while taking hands-free calls.

  • The cable is flexible and lightweight yet durable
  • The triple-flange tips create an excellent seal inside your ears
  • You’ll be able to talk over the wind thanks to the noise-canceling mic
  • The product comes with a hard carrying case
  • There are no replacement ear tips

7. ISOtunes PRO

The ISOtunes PRO earbuds are some of the best wireless headphones for motorcycle riders we could find. The lightweight earbuds are connected with a cord that goes around your neck. Furthermore, like some of the other products we’ve reviewed, these motorcycle earbuds have memory wire that bends perfectly around your ears.

You can use any of the four pairs of foam ear tips to achieve the right level of passive noise cancellation. There’s also a pair of triple-flange silicone tips you can use if you so prefer.

The MicroUSB charging input, the volume control keys, and the microphone are all on the right side of the cord. In addition to the ear tips, you’ll also get an oval carrying case that can fit the earplugs, the tips, and even the charging cable that comes with the product.

  • The battery can last for over 10 hours in playback mode
  • The earbuds come with four pairs of foam ear tips and one pair of triple-flange silicone tips
  • Your voice will be heard loud and clear thanks to the noise-canceling microphone
  • They’re not the most durable headphones you can use, which can be a dealbreaker

8. Sena 10S-01D

Lastly, it would be remiss of us if we didn’t mention a company that is as famous for making motorcycle sound equipment as Sena is. The Sena 10S-01D devices are considered to be the best complete sound systems for your helmet.

Unlike the first product we reviewed, which was a simple drop-in speaker system, these systems allow riders to communicate with up to three other people at the same time. That’s also why this product comes in single or dual packs. You can either set up a helmet for yourself and a passenger or give a set to a riding buddy.

The device can connect to drivers that are a mile away, unlike its previous iterations, which had a shorter range. Additionally, it can connect to two Bluetooth devices: your phone and your GPS device.

After you clamp the base to your helmet, you’ll be able to set up a dial attachment, which connects to your speakers and the boom mic that will sit in front of your mouth. That part is also detachable to make charging easier.

The one downside of this device is the fact that it’s fairly expensive in comparison to the other products we’ve discussed. However, we believe that all of these features go a long way to justify that price point.

  • This system connects to three other riders and two Bluetooth devices
  • The device also has FM radio connectivity
  • You’ll get up to 12 hours of usage and ten days of standby
  • You can pair it with the Sena Utility app to create a united, top-of-the-line system
  • High price range — but the cost is worth the advanced features

While we were on our search for the best earphones for motorcycle helmet wearers, we had to consider what kinds of devices we wanted to include on our list. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the basic features we wanted to see in our contenders.

Types of Motorcycle Earbuds and Sound Systems

First, we ought to talk about two of the basic types of products we found when looking for the best headphones for helmet wearers:

  • Earbuds, which should fit comfortably inside the ear, allowing you to put your helmet on without disturbing your headset
  • Sound systems that are built into the helmet, which would ensure that you don’t rip out anything while placing the helmet onto your head

Both kinds of products have their pros and cons. For example, while in-ear headphones are great, they usually aren’t made for motorcycle riders. You may not be able to control them without using your hands, and they may actually damage your hearing if you insert them aggressively.

Conversely, helmet sound systems are supposed to fit into the speaker pockets inside of your protective headgear. However, the best sound systems on the market are still too expensive for most people. So, you’ll have to pick the right product for you based on its features and your budget.




There are two ways your sound system or earbuds might connect to your phone or GPS device: wireless or corded. Once again, whichever you pick, there are aspects of it that may annoy you.


With corded models, you might find the length of the cord disruptive, especially if you leave it hanging outside of your jacket. However, if you put it inside, you won’t be able to reach the controls, if there are any. Furthermore, most cables have a 3.5 mm jack, which doesn’t fit many devices nowadays.


Of course, wireless devices would be able to connect to most smartphones on the market. But once again, if the cord is inside your helmet, you won’t be able to take calls or adjust volume settings. On top of that, you’d have to make sure that your Bluetooth earbuds are charged and ready to go before you get on your bike.

Headphones with cord and word music

Design and Comfort


Now, what’s the use of having motorcycle earbuds if they’re going to chafe your earlobes every time you turn your head? Don’t get us wrong — the product you end up choosing doesn’t need to be attractive by any means. After all, everything will  be hidden underneath your helmet, so the appearance isn’t a priority.


However, the model you go for shouldn’t actively detract from all the fun motorcycle riding offers. So, if comfort is something you’re particularly concerned with, make sure the company you’re buying the earbuds from has an excellent customer service record. That way, you’ll at least be able to return the headphones if they don’t fit correctly.


In any case, all of the best earbuds for motorcycle helmet wearers should stick pretty close to the head. As we have explained, that will stop them from slipping off while you’re putting your helmet on and off.


One way to achieve that is if the product in question has a wire that goes around the ear. Alternately, you can seek out motorcycle earbuds that have slip-proof ear tips. Of course, some people don’t find either of these options very comfortable, which means that they’ll have to get a helmet sound system instead.


sound quality

Sound Quality

When it comes to motorcycle riding, you’ll want your earbuds to have the best sound quality for the price range you’re considering. If you want to listen to music with a strong beat, get a motorcycle Bluetooth headset with deep bass sounds that don’t bleed into the upper register. After all, you’ll still need a crisp upper register for higher notes to translate well.


So, if you usually listen to music while riding, pay attention to the reviews that focus on the range of frequencies a product can deliver. Furthermore, keep an eye out for active noise-canceling technology.

Noise Cancellation Technology

Noise-Canceling Technology

If you often ride your motorcycle on highways, you’ll have noticed exactly how noisy the wind can be. Most of us usually rely on our helmets to reduce some of that wind noise — which is definitely the correct way to go about it.

However, there are other ways to add to the experience of riding at high speeds. Specifically, you can use motorcycle earbuds that have noise-canceling features.

Now, there are several ways companies use noise-canceling technology when designing their products. They can either add it to the speakers or use it in the microphones.

With speakers, most manufacturers stick to passive noise isolation, which means that their product will muffle background noise by forming a united front and sealing your ear canal.

Active noise cancellation is the more expensive, though not necessarily better, option. It requires a separate part of the device to record external noises and play the opposite frequencies in your ears.

Generally, though, that technology is reserved for the microphone to improve the calling experience. When you speak into the motorcycle Bluetooth headset mic, it’ll automatically filter out excess noise. That should help your voice sound loud and clear to the person on the other end of the line.

So, out of the many fine contenders we’ve seen today, which are the best headphones for motorcycle helmet wearers?

Well, if we’re looking for a product that was specifically created for that purpose, we’d recommend the UClear Digital Pulse. These drop-in helmet speakers give you the same sound quality you’d get from the best wireless helmet speakers at a much lower price point.

However, if you want to have the option of ditching the cord, we’d go for one of the MEE audio products on our list. If you purchase the company’s Bluetooth-enabled cord to replace the detachable cable these headphones come with, they could easily become the best wireless earbuds for motorcycle helmet users as well.

Ultimately, we believe that earbuds are a crucial part of the motorcycle-riding experience. They’re just incredibly convenient all around. United with some fantastic features, they can allow you to talk to other riders and add a memorable soundtrack to your ride. So get the best pair of earbuds for you today!

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