8+ BEST Invisible Earbuds: COMFORT + PRIVACY Picks in 2022!

Short on Time? : After extensive research and usage, I found the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 as the best invisible earbuds. The buds are very comfortable, offer an ultimate listening experience, and have a long-lasting battery. In addition, the olive color makes these buds less visible, so you can enjoy listening to music without getting noticed. 

best invisible earbuds

Wireless earbuds have now gotten so small that they are nearly invisible.

So if you don’t want people around you to notice that you are enjoying listening to music or taking calls, you need one of the best invisible earbuds.

In this article, I have reviewed the top best invisible earbuds that will keep you entertained, while no one will be able to guess that you are actually using buds

Top 3 Best Invisible Earbuds

Best Overall Best Overall SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2
  • Amazingly comfortable
  • Long-lasting battery
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Runner Up Runner Up TOZO T12
  • Waterproof earbuds
  • Excellent audio quality 
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Best Sound Quality Best Sound Quality  Jabra Elite 75t
  • Secure Fit
  • 18 Hours Battery Life
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8+ Best Invisible Earbuds in 2022

1. SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2Best Overall



  • The buds offer a very comfortable fit
  • Long-lasting battery with wireless charging support 
  • Touch controls make things convenient 
  • The ANC works perfectly, making it ideal for calls 


  • They may pop out of the ears while working out 
  • The ANC drains the battery quickly 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are my favorite for a variety of reasons, be it the compact size, ultimate audio quality, and long-lasting battery life. I won’t say these are the smallest earbuds you can buy, but they have a perfect size to conceal inside your ear.

The fit is amazing, and you can expect these buds to provide decent comfort. The ear tips get into the ear canal and offer a snug fit, so you don’t have to adjust them multiple times, and it prevents people from noticing that you are using buds.

Though these are not the best buds for work out, since they may pop out of your ear, you can enjoy using them for other purposes such as taking calls. There are multiple mics on these buds, and the active noise cancelling ensures you can enjoy crystal-clear calls.

A single charge gives you a playtime of 5 hours, and the case also carries a backup of 20 hours. Fast charging support for the buds is not there, and that is a little disappointing. However, the case is compatible with wireless charging pads, so you can expect maximum convenience.

The olive color does not fully camouflage in the ear, but it is not very visible as well, like black or golden buds. The auto-connect feature helps simplify things, just turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone, and you are good to go.

Talking about durability, these buds feel robust but come with IPX2 splash-resistance only. You should avoid wearing them during rains or drizzles to make the buds last longer.

Lastly, you don’t need any mobile app when using these buds with Samsung Galaxy phones, whereas you need it when pairing the buds with an iPhone.

Bottom Line

Choose the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 if you need comfort, good sound quality, and decent battery life. The small size conceals the buds inside the ear, and you can make calls or listen to music without getting noticed. Just choose the olive color for maximum camouflage effect. 

2. TOZO T12Runner Up


  • Fully waterproof earbuds and charging case
  • Designed with bigger sound drivers for excellent audio quality 
  • Superb battery life 
  • Built-in mics for taking calls 


  • There is no active noise cancelling 
  • After-sales service is not very good

If you want to go unnoticed while wearing earbuds, choose TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones. The nearly nude color makes these buds completely invisible inside the ear, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

What makes these buds a good pick is the amazing sound quality. The high-fidelity sound quality improves your listening experience, but there is less bass, which can be disappointing for some.

Just make sure to fit in the true wireless earbuds properly so that the sound does not leak. 

These are budget buds, but the features it offers are extremely impressive. I loved how durable and water-resistance these buds are, and you can wear them anytime, even while working out.

A single charge offers a playtime of 6 hours for the buds, while the case offers 22 hours of backup, making these earbuds ideal for traveling.

Inside the case, there is a small digital display that shows the battery percentage. However, opening the case every time to check the battery can be slightly inconvenient.

The 10mm big sound drivers improve the audio quality, while the Bluetooth 5.0 betters the wireless connectivity.

In addition, the buds have built-in mics so you can take calls, but they do not have active noise cancelation, so you may hear some noise. The small size improves the comfort, and you feel really light even after wearing these buds for hours.

Furthermore, these buds also feature touch controls, and you can take calls just with a tap. Lastly, the TOZO T12 also supports fast charging, and you don’t have to wait for longer to get them back into your ears.

Bottom Line

Go for the TOZO T12 wireless earbuds if you need buds that go completely unnoticed. The audio quality is also good, and there are microphones so you can take calls on the go.

In addition, the built-in display and indicators on the buds make things convenient.

3. Jabra Elite 75tBest Sound Quality


  • These buds offer a very secure fit 
  • The 8mm sound drivers improve the audio quality 
  • Ideal for taking those long calls 
  • You can personalize the audio for a better experience


  • These buds are not fully waterproof 
  • The app has a lot of features that may confuse some users

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds deserve a place in this list because of the unmatched sound quality and color. The gold beige color merges with the color of your ear, and the buds can easily go unnoticed.

The size of these buds is not as small as some other buds like Loluka Smallest Invisible Bluetooth Earbuds, but if you have long hair, you can easily hide these earbuds.

The fit is amazing, and the ear tip keeps the buds locked inside your ear even when you work out. You will definitely love taking calls on these earbuds, as the ANC works perfectly fine. The mobile app by Jabra lets you toggle the ANC on/off if you want to conserve battery.

Jabra claims that they have improved the battery life on these earbuds, and it can last around 5.5 hours. However, there are some cheaper invisible earbuds like Kerudene Bluetooth 5.2 Wireless Earbuds that have better battery life.

The durable case carries more juice than 18 hours, and you get a combined playtime of 24 hours. The on-board touch controls are easy to use, and you can even activate the voice assistant just with a click.

If you spend most of your day listening to music, you will find these earbuds perfect for the job. The mobile app has a plethora of features, and you can get a personalized audio experience. It may be a little challenging for newbies to use the app and learn about the features.

Jabra has designed these wireless earbuds with IP55 rainproof protection, but I would suggest keeping them away from water. There are four mics strategically placed on the earbuds, so you can comfortably take those important calls. 

The seamless connectivity also prevents call dropouts, and you can always stay connected to the outside world.

Bottom Line

Go for the Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds if you do not want to compromise on the audio quality. The earbuds are not very small, but they fit in your ear, and the color makes them less visible. Lastly, you can even use them on mono mode to take calls while commuting.

4. Loluka Smallest Invisible Bluetooth EarbudsBest For Comfort


  • One button for seamless controls  
  • No flash or indicator so the earbuds remain invisible 
  • Amazing battery life 
  • You can use these buds on solo mode


  • The build quality is not that good
  • Not completely waterproof 

For some folks, earbuds with tips are not very comfortable, so if you are one of them, I can recommend Loluka Smallest Earbuds Invisible Bluetooth Earbuds. These earbuds have an ergonomic design and fit properly inside the ear.

The advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology improves wireless connectivity, so you don’t have to stick around your smartphone. However, connectivity with iOS is not as good as it gets with Android devices.

There’s one button on the earbuds for convenient controls, and you can use it to play/pause music, redial the last number. But pressing this button requires some time since you need to figure out its location.

The battery life offered by these earbuds is very impressive, and you get a good playtime of a total of 35 hours. You’ll hear a chime sound when the battery is low, but it may go unnoticed if you listen to music on high volume.

The IPX4 rating on these earbuds was quite impressive, and you can even wear them during drizzles or while working out. I also loved how comfortable these earbuds are, and the lightweight makes them perfect for everyday use.

Furthermore, the color of these buds makes them completely invisible in your ear. Also, there is no LED indicator or flash that makes the earbuds completely hidden. One thing that I miss on these wireless earbuds is the active noise cancelation.

The in-call quality is not that great, but you can enjoy clear calls in isolated environments. Lastly, these earphones feature auto connectivity, so just turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone, and these invisible earbuds will connect quickly. 

Bottom Line

These wireless earbuds from Loluka are one of the smallest options you can buy. The earbuds hide inside your ear and offer seamless connectivity with your smartphone. The one-button makes everything accessible, so you can keep the phone inside the pocket.

5. AIYIBEN Mini Bluetooth EarbudSmallest Pick


  • It offers high-quality noise cancelling while making calls 
  • The small sizes and skin color make the bud almost invisible 
  • You get good wearing comfort 
  • It can be worn in either ear


  • This is a single bud unit
  • No charging case is available, so keep it secure

Here is a wireless invisible earbuds from AIYIBEN that’s so small that it can completely get inside your ear.

Designed to fit in both ears, the bud offers good comfort, and the ear tip keeps it locked in place. However, I do not recommend using it while working out. 

Equipped with large-capacity batteries, this bud can keep you entertained for 6 hours. And after that, you have to put it on charging, which may take around 1 or 1.5 hours.

However, this wireless earbud is smart enough to determine if you are not using it, and it automatically gets into low-power saving mode. 

The Bluetooth connectivity is amazing, and whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you won’t experience any issues. Furthermore, the one-click control on these earbuds will sort your life, and you can use it to answer/reject calls or play/pause music. 

However, it doesn’t let you use Hey Siri or Ok Google, and adjusting volume is also not possible without getting your hands on your phone. The best thing about this invisible Bluetooth bud is that you can connect it with up to two devices at a time.

For incoming calls, you will hear announcements in the bud, and tapping on the button will help you answer them. The only problem I had with this bud is that it is a single unit, so your other ear will be exposed to all the noise. 

It is a great device for taking calls, but if you prefer listening to music, you should consider SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2. Lastly, there are multiple color options on offer, but you should only choose the skin color to make this wireless bud almost invisible.

Bottom Line

Go for the AIYIBEN Mini Bluetooth Earbud if you need an almost invisible bud for making calls. The noise-cancelation works perfectly, so you can take calls even in noisy environments. As it doesn’t have a case, so keep it charged all the time and handle it with care.

6. Kerudene BluetoothBest For Long-lasting Entertainment


  • These invisible earbuds gave long-lasting battery life 
  • Ultimate sound quality and good bass
  • Quick-connect technology makes pairing easier 
  • The buttonless touch control is convenient to use


  • The build quality could be better
  • Not very lightweight earbuds

I usually prefer skin or beige-colored buds as they offer a camouflage effect, but these tiny buds from Kerudene deserve a place on this list. These buds are tiny, and you won’t even feel like wearing anything. The sleek ear tip rests in the ear canal, and that results in a noise-free listening experience through these true wireless earbuds.

There are colored rings on the invisible earbuds along with flash indicators that hinder the invisible effect during the dark hours. In broad daylight, these earbuds are not very visible, so people may not notice that you are actually using something.

A single charge can last as much as 6 hours, put the buds back into the case and get them charged in an hour. The case also has bigger batteries, and it can refuel the earbuds almost 3-4 times. As these are budget buds, expecting features like wireless charging will be too much.

The IPX8 water-resistant rating makes them resistant to dust and splashes, thus prolonging their lifespan. Inside the buds, there is a titanium diaphragm that improves the sound quality and also produces good bass.

Though there is no mobile app available to let you customize the equalizer settings, you will enjoy the audio quality. There are three pairs of ear tips inside the box, and you can switch to the ones you find the most comfortable.

The colored rings on these true wireless earbuds are a touch-sensitive area that you can use to play/pause music and answer/reject calls. The controls are not very precise, but they work well most of the time.

Long-pressing the soft-touch button will help activate the voice assistant, and that makes things convenient. Lastly, make sure to select the small size only for a snug fit and to keep the earbuds hidden inside your ears.

Bottom Line

If you need wireless earbuds with amazing audio quality, unmatched comfort, and the convenience of making calls, choose Kerudene Bluetooth 5.2 Wireless Earbuds. Colors like pink and white should be your choice if you want to keep the invisible earbuds remain unnoticed.

7. JLab Go Air Best for Fitness Enthusiasts


  • There are multiple bass boost modes on offer
  • No hassles of using a mobile app 
  • You can order these buds in solo mode or dual connect 
  • These buds remain secure inside the ear


  • The buds are not very loud as some other options 
  • No ear hooks are there 

People that spend most time of their day working out should consider the JLab Go Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. These earbuds may not be as invisible as TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones, but they offer an amazing listening experience.

You will surely love the sound quality on these invisible earbuds, as the 8mm neodymium drivers do an amazing job. You can also customize the audio without using a mobile app to get a personalized listening experience.

Though these buds are extremely small, they come slightly out of the ear and may be visible to people near you. The overall playtime offered by the buds and the charging case combined is around 20 hours. The cable is integrated with the case, so you can charge it anywhere and anytime without any hassle.

You’ll sometimes find the case dangling to your PC, as the cable is really short and can be stretched as well. The reason why I recommend these earbuds to fitness enthusiasts is because of the IP44 sweat-resistance. The buds can also withstand splashes, but make sure to protect them from water.

I love the snug fit that you get, and it keeps the external noises out. Moreover, JLab also offers three pairs of ear tips inside the box, and you can get a personalized fit. However, you may sometimes miss the availability of ear hooks, as the buds can pop out during an intensive workout.

In addition, the buds support touch controls, so you can do a lot of things without getting your hands on your phone. There are no flash indicators on the buds, and that helps keep them hidden in the dark. 

Lastly, the invisible earbuds come with a two-year warranty, so you can enjoy listening to music for hours and can take calls anytime.

Bottom Line

JLab Go Air True Wireless Invisible Bluetooth Earbuds are for people with an active lifestyle and those looking for budget earbuds. You get balanced audio with fantastic bass ideal for listening to songs, watching movies, and doing a lot of things. 

8. SZHFTX Invisible EarbudsBest Buds with Fast-charging Support


  • The nude color and design make them nearly invisible 
  • Bluetooth 5.2 V for seamless connectivity 
  • One-key control for maximum convenience
  • These earbuds support fast charging 


  • No water or sweat resistance is there 
  • The low battery and call announcement go unnoticed sometimes

Here is another pair of best invisible earbuds that are not visible at all. These earbuds are tiny and come in a nude color, so they create a camouflage effect, and people cannot guess that you are using something. 

Talking about the audio quality, you can expect cinema-grade sound, and that’s perfect for listening to music, watching movies, and even making calls. There is no compatible mobile app available, thus, you cannot customize the equalizer. 

Pairing these buds with your smartphone is a cakewalk, and the auto-connect feature also makes things easier. When it comes to battery life, you can expect these buds to last around 4-6 hours on continuous usage. The case carries an extra charge of around 20 hours, so you don’t have to worry about charging them.

There’s a digital display inside the case that tells you about the remaining battery. But opening the case can be inconvenient at times when you are driving or doing some important work. In addition, you can even answer calls with these earbuds, but there is no active noise cancellation, so you may hear some noise as well.

The small sensor on the earbuds is touch-sensitive and lets you control the buds conveniently. From shuffling the songs to answering a call, you can do everything just with a tap. Both buds offer these controls, and you can even use them when using mono mode. 

Lastly, these discreet buds do not offer any IP protection, and you cannot use them while working out or during other intense activities.

Bottom Line

The SZHFTX Invisible Earbuds are for those looking to have a completely discreet experience. These earbuds fit inside the ear for a comfortable listening experience. There is no flash or indicator on the buds, so people cannot easily notice that you are using earbuds.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Buying the Best Invisible Earbuds 

All the buds that I have reviewed in this article are tiny and easily fit inside the ear. But what differentiates them is the audio quality and features. Below listed are some factors you should consider when choosing a pair of invisible earbuds.

Audio Quality 

The audio quality is the most important thing to look for when choosing earbuds. Whether you are purchasing them to listen to music, watch movies, or to make calls, the audio will affect your experience.

Always look for earbuds that belong to a popular brand such as Sony or Bose, as you can expect good sound quality. Furthermore, check out the customer reviews to know more about the quality that the earbuds can offer.


Small doesn’t always mean comfort. When choosing tiny earbuds, you should evaluate the comfort that they offer. The easiest way to evaluate comfort is by checking the design of the earbuds.

The ear tip should fit inside the ear canal, and the earbuds should stay in place.

Battery Life 

Since the invisible earbuds are wireless, thus, you need to check the battery life. The longer the battery lasts, the longer you can enjoy those beats. In addition, consider the backup that the charging case offers so that you don’t have to charge the buds every now and then.

Built-in ANC 

ANC is basically active noise cancelation, and that cuts down the external noises when you take calls. If you want these buds for making calls from your office or other noisy environments, you cannot overlook ANC. There are plenty of amazing earbuds on this list that offer ANC.


Earbuds should be durable, else, you may have to purchase a new pair after every few months. Go for earbuds that come with IP-rating, as they remain protected against dust, water, and sweat. 

Also, some brands offer drop-proof earbuds that do not damage even if you drop them accidentally.


People often overlook the colors when choosing invisible earbuds, and it can turn out to be a big mistake. Yes, color options like rose gold, blue, and sea green look good, but they catch a lot of attention, and they can hinder the purpose you are buying buds for. 

Choose neutral colors such as beige that camouflage inside the ear and do not catch a lot of attention. 


The best invisible earbuds come at a range of prices, so it’s better to have a budget in mind. In this article, I have listed earbuds for all budgets so you can make the right decision without spending too much. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Are the Best Invisible Earbuds Really Invisible? 

No, these earbuds are not entirely invisible due to obvious reasons. But they fit inside the ear, and it can be hard for any person to detect from a distance that you are wearing earbuds. 

Q: What are the best, most discreet wireless earbuds?

A: TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones are the best earbuds if you are looking for an option that’s highly discreet and remains almost invisible. 

Q: How can I listen to music privately without headphones?

A: The only way to listen to music privately is by getting the best invisible earbuds. Put these buds inside your ears, and you can enjoy a discreet music listening experience without letting people notice you.

Q: Are invisible earbuds durable?

A: Yes, there are plenty of amazing earbuds like SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 that are very durable and offer water as well as dust resistance. Make sure to choose earbuds that belong to a popular brand in order to get excellent build quality and longevity.

Q: Are Apple AirPods Pro good invisible earbuds?

A: Not at all! The Apple AirPods Por is not invisible at all. There are plenty of other earbuds that are much smaller and offer almost similar audio quality as the AirPods Pro.


Now that you know about the best invisible earbuds, it is time to make an informed choice. Always choose earbuds that offer excellent audio quality, have a long-lasting battery, and fit inside the ear so that you go unnoticed.

The best buds on this list are SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2. These earbuds have everything you need and are compatible with iOS as well as Android devices. If you are on a budget, choose TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones. 

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