How to Spot Fake Airpods and Airpods Pro in 2022 [QUICKLY]

Forgers have started selling fake Airpods in the market at a lesser price and people end up buying them without realizing if the Airpods are fake or real.

So, How to Spot Fake Airpods and Airpods Pro?

The easiest way to Spot Fake Airpods is by entering their serial numbers on the Apple website ( If they are original you will see your warranty information listed there. If fake, the website won’t recognize the number.

spot fake airpods pro

Here are all the ways through which you can check if your AirPods and AirPods Pro are genuine or not.

  • Test all the features of your Airpods
  • Check the packaging of the Airpods in detail
  • Check and feel the weight of the Airpods
  • Check the user manual of the Airpods in detail
  • Check the sound quality of the Airpods
  • Check the LED lights and their colours
  • Check the diffusers carefully as Apple products have a fine finish
  • Notice the additional security and warranty sheet in the manual
  • Check the charging case carefully
  • Pay attention to the plastic wrap on the charging case
  • The indicator light in the case is darker
  • Pay attention to the serial number

If you notice anything different in the above points then be sure that your Airpods or Airpods Pro are fake. So, let us give you more details on how you can understand the difference between fake and real Airpods and Airpods Pro. Let us begin with Airpods first.

How to spot fake Apple AirPods?

To spot if your Airpods are fake or real, carefully check the

  • Packing
  • Features
  • Build quality
  • Sound Quality

Testing the Features – While buying the Airpods we would recommend that you test the features of the product carefully. One major feature you should test is by calling Hi Siri. If while calling out Siri the feature doesn’t pop out you can be sure that the Airpods are fake.

Packaging – One major thing that fake companies will try to do to ensure that their Airpods look real is trying to mimic the packaging. They will try to make the package look as identical to the Apple packaging as possible.

So, if someone is trying to sell you a fake product then give a close look at the packaging once and read what’s written on it carefully. Many a time you will find grammatical errors on the fake packaging and the images in the package too will be blurred or of poor quality.

As expensive as the Apple products are, their packages too look classy when you see them and feel them. So, if the product you are buying has poor packaging then know that it’s fake.

Feel and Weight – Apple focuses on the weight of the products a lot and how they feel. In fact, Airpods are known to be one of the lightest earbuds ever hence while buying Airpods pay attention to the weight of the product.

The fake Airpods might weigh more than the original ones hence before buying your Airpods go to Apple’s website and read how much does the Airpods and its case weigh approx.

Read the manual carefully – While buying your Airpods read the user manual that is coming with the Airpods carefully. If what you are buying is fake then you will notice a lot of spelling mistakes in the manual or you will notice that the manual look and feel is very poor and the fonts inside the manual will be either blurred or different. Also, the font on airpods will look like as if airpod fell in water!

Sound quality – One important way how you can find if the Airpods you are buying is fake or not is by listening to the sound the Airpods generate carefully. Apple Airpods are known for their high-quality sound and if your Airpods are not giving you such effects then understand that they are fake.

Check the LED lights – Real Airpods do not have any lights on them but they have an indicator light or pairing light in the charging case. Hence when buying the Airpods if you notice any odd red or blue LED colors on your earbuds then understand they are fake. Even when you connect them to your Playstation with our guide on how to connect airpods to ps4 & ps5 – the LED lights won’t function properly in case of fake ones. Sometimes Airpods stuck on flashing white light issue appears, which could mean it’s a fake one!

Check the Diffuser – Apple products are known to be classy and sleek and any Apple gadget you see will have a smooth finish. Similarly, Airpods too will have a very sleek and smooth finish especially the diffusers. Hence while buying an Airpod check if the diffusers have a clean finish or not? If not then you know that they are fake.

How to spot fake Apple AirPods Pro?

To find out if the Apple AirPods are real or fake, you can check:

  • Overall packing and product quality
  • Sound quality
  • Check if the store is an Apple authorized reseller or not
  • Check the cost. Big variations can be a red flag

Just like Airpods, you will see fake Airpods Pro being sold in the market too as the level of piracy has risen so much that it is getting difficult to distinguish between the real and fake Airpods pro. However, by paying your attention to a few details you should be able to understand the difference between a real and a fake Airpods Pro such as:

Additional security and warranty sheet in the manual – The real Airpod Pro comes with additional security and warranty sheet which is found inside the user manual. In the case of fake Airpods Pro, this security and warranty sheet will definitely be missing from the manual.

Check the charging case – While buying your Airpods pro pay close attention to the charging case. If your Airpods Pro is fake then you will notice a slight difference in the font color of the text which is at the back of the case. Also, the text will be of smaller size as compared to the text in an original Airpods Pro. The metal lining found in the Airpods Pro will also be thicker compared to the fake ones.

Notice the plastic wrap on the charging case – The charging cases in a real Airpods Pro will have a pull-out tab that allows the user to neatly remove the plastic cover from the case. Whereas the charging case of a fake Airpods Pro will not come with the pull-out tab hence making the entire packaging look very messy and unprofessional.

The indicator light found in the case has a different color – The pairing or indicator light that comes in the case has got a darker black color in the fake Airpods Pro. Apple likes to keep their gadgets minimalist and neat and hence the real Airpods Pro case will have an indicator light which is of very light grey color.

Pay attention to the serial number – Apple products come with a unique serial number which helps them to recognize/find or even identify their products. Hence while purchasing an Airpods Pro check that the serial number written on the back of the case matches the one in the box as well. In case of any mismatch understand that the products are fake.


The demand for these Apple Airpods is very high in the market due to which the supply of fake Airpods is also rising. Due to the high price of these products people tend to forge them by making a replica of these Airpods with less money and selling them at an equal price in the market.

Although everyone knows that Apple is very careful with the security of their products and it is very difficult for anyone to decode Apple’s software yet there are a few counterfeiters who have managed to do so.

Most of us will never believe that it’s possible to replicate Apple products but unfortunately, it is true and there are people doing it full time now.

Hence, while buying Airpods it is extremely important to know that you are buying an original Apple product and not its replica because owning an Apple product is an expensive affair. Before you go, check out our picks for the best invisible bluetooth earbuds for work!

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