TOP 7+ Most Durable Headphones For CLUMSY YOU [2022]

Short on Time? : After extensive usage and review, In my opinion, the most durable headphones in 2022 are Sony Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones. Powered by proprietary Sony drivers, the headphones offer crystal-clear audio. Also, the entire body is premium plastic for enhanced durability. 

most durable headphones

Good headphones can cost a fortune, and it is completely fine to spend money in order to get unmatched sound quality.

But what these headphones lack is durability, and even an accidental drop can lead to your favorite device shattering within seconds.

I also broke numerous headphones and then started looking for headphones that could withstand drops and impacts.

After extensive usage and review, I compiled a list of the seven most durable headphones you can purchase if you do not want to see them dying so quickly.

Top 3 Most Durable Headphones

Best Overall Best Overall Sony (MDR1000X/B)
  • Amazingly Build Quality
  • Hi-Fi audio quality 
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Runner Up Runner Up Philips Audio SHP9500
  • Metal HeadBand
  • Excellent audio quality 
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Best For Professionals Best For Professionals  Audio-Technica ATH-M20X
  • Very Comfortable
  • Foldable
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8+ Best Invisible Earbuds in 2022

1. Sony (MDR1000X/B) Premium Noise CancellingBest Overall



  • You get a carrying case with these headphones 
  • Hi-Fi audio quality 
  • The built-in mic lets you make calls 
  • Made using premium-grade plastic 


  • No metal headband 
  • You cannot use them on a wired connection

If top-notch audio quality and moderate durability are your requirements, there is no better choice than Sony (MDR1000X/B). These are wireless headphones, so there is no fuss of wires, and you can enjoy listening to music. 

You get a secure fit, thanks to the bigger ear cushions, and the headphones do not fall off easily. Make sure to adjust the headband accordingly so that the headphones remain secure in place while you get ultimate comfort.

Though Sony (MDR1000X/B) cannot withstand exposure to sweat and water, you need to keep them protected. The aluminum coated LCP improves the lifespan of the diaphragm, and the headphones work flawlessly even when you listen to music on louder volumes.

The ANC lets you isolate yourself from the outside world, and you can toggle it on/off using the mobile app. In addition, the headphones come with onboard touch controls, and you can slide your fingers to adjust the volume or activate the voice assistant. 

The plastic quality feels good, but there are no metal parts, so handle these headphones with care. You can fold them easily and carry them into the rugged case that Sony offers. Talking about the battery life, a single charge can last around 20 hours, and that’s fairly impressive.

The Type-C port lets you charge the headphones quickly, but order a long and flexible cable like the one that Sony ships are small.

Lastly, these headphones come in three colors, including black, gray, and gold, so you can enjoy listening to music in style.

Bottom Line

Choose the Sony (MDR1000X/B) if you need a pair of wireless headphones that are durable, and offer excellent sound quality. The battery life is also impressive, and you can wear these comfortable headphones while traveling.

2. Philips Audio SHP9500Best Comfortable Headphones


  • It has a metal headband for the chassis for added durability 
  • You get a braided and tangle-free cable with these headphones 
  • No hassles of installing the app and setting up the headphones 
  • The 50mm neodymium drivers deliver premium sound 


  • You need a connector to use it with your phone 
  • A bit heavy 

Usually, the most durable headphones are not comfortable because of the weight of high-quality components. But that is not the case with Philips Audio SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-Ear Headphones. The breathable ear and double layered headband cushion enhance the comfort, thus, you can wear these headphones for hours.

Designed to withstand the shock of accidental drops, these headphones won’t damage easily. From the ear cups to the headband, everything seems to be very sturdy, durable and you can expect them to easily last for years. 

However, these headphones are heavy, so kids and the elderly may not love wearing them. You get a long braided 3.5mm cable with the headphones for plug-and-play functionality.

Philips does not ship any adapter, so if you own an iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy without a headphone jack, you need to buy an adapter separately.

What I love about these headphones are the precisely angled drivers that offer accurate sound. Also, there are no distortions at all, so you can use these headphones for a variety of tasks. 

There is no built-in microphone, and you cannot make any calls with the Philips SHP9500. The steel headband over the top is super durable and adjustable. The cushion around the headband improves comfort, and the metal part does not come in contact with your head.

These wired headphones from Philips don’t need any mobile app making things easier. However, you cannot adjust the equalizer or access other features. 

Lastly, Philips offers these headphones in multiple models, including the ones with a built-in mic for gaming purposes.

Bottom Line

The Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-Ear Headphones are very durable and are ideal for folks that are always on the move. You get maximum comfort, and each component of these headphones is high-quality. You get a 1.5 meters connectivity cable for the freedom of movement.

3. Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Best For Professional Use


  • Very comfortable to wear for hours 
  • You get a big and durable audio cable 
  • The adjustable headband makes things convenient 
  • Foldable so you can travel with them


  • No built-in mic
  • A big bigger for people with smaller heads

If you spend most of your time in the studio creating music and need headphones that offer unmatched sound quality while they last longer, choose ATH-M20X Headphones. 

The headphones look very rugged, and you will feel the same after holding them in your hands. However, you may also feel that these are heavy. Wearing these headphones rewards you with a comfortable experience, and the soft cushions sit exactly over your ears.

The adjustable headband lets you get the best fit, while the thick cushion keeps things comfortable. Under the cushion, there is a metal strap that enhances the overall durability. However, the cushions do not feel very durable, and if you press them firmly, they may get punctured.

Talking about the audio quality, the millimeter drivers do a fair job, and you can listen to the lows and highs with amazing sound clarity. Moreover, you can tune the headphones to get amazing better low-frequency performance without any distortions.

Pairing these most durable wired headphones with your studio setup is easy, but pairing them with your smartphone requires an adaptor. With Technica ATH-M20X, you can easily do sound tracking and mix different tracks, as the headphones are capable of doing it all.

However, if you just need them for watching videos, then I do not recommend these headphones, and you can choose Sony Headphones. 

Lastly, the headphones do not feature a microphone, but you can connect one externally to complete your studio setup.

Bottom Line

These headphones from Audio Technica are for folks that need headphones for professional purposes. There aren’t any distortions even in low frequencies, while you can feel the durability and ruggedness. Just plug in the wire in your studio console, and you can experience the performance of these headphones. 

4. Logitech G PRO XBest For Gaming


  • Comfortable to wear for long durations 
  • Made using a combination of aluminum and steel 
  • The built-in 50mm sound drivers improve the sound quality 
  • The external sound card constantly delivers clear sound and voice while chatting


  • Adjusting the equalizer is challenging 
  • Swapping the ear cups is a tricky task

The Logitech G Pro X is perfect for intense gamers that spend most of their time playing games. With these headphones, you can expect excellent sound performance, while the build quality is also very impressive.

The entire body is made of durable steel, and the headband has an aluminum strap for added durability. You will also feel that the ear cushions are durable while they offer good comfort.

These headphones are pretty big, and it may take you some time to get used to them. However, comfort won’t be an issue, as the memory foam padding feels soft in the air. Moreover, the foamed cushions create a seal preventing outside noise from disturbing you.

There is no built-in active noise cancellation, so you may hear some loud noises clearly. Logitech has used Next-gen 7.1 Surround Sound technology to offer object-based sound making gaming an overall better experience.

The integrated microphone lets you speak to other gamers, and is adjustable, so you can bring it closer to your mouth. Furthermore, the built-in 50mm drivers produce a loud sound, and you get good bass as well.

As these durable headphones with mic are wired, you need to be closer to the gaming console since the wire is not that long. Moreover, connecting it with some gaming consoles or PCs may require getting a connector

You get full control over the headphones, just install the G HUB software, and you can adjust the equalizer quickly. Logitech offers a carrying case for these wired headphones, but they are not foldable so carry them with care.

Bottom Line

Choose Logitech G Pro X if you are an avid gamer and need durable headphones for your gaming console. The built-in mic lets you chat with other gamers, and you can also enjoy listening to music with these headphones. 

5. 1MORE E1009-SV Best In-ear Headphone


  • Very durable and lightweight 
  • The ergonomic design improves in-ear comfort 
  • Extra bass and balanced vocals for more enjoyment 
  • The superior MEMS mic lets you take calls with ease


  • These headphones don’t have a braided cable 
  • Not ideal for gaming 

If you don’t prefer over-the-ear headphones, you will like the 1MORE E1009-SV Piston Fit in-Ear Earphones. The angled design ensures the ear tips comfortably fit inside your ear, and it lets you enjoy listening to music for hours.

The entire body is metal, so durability won’t be an issue, and you can use these headphones without any issues. In addition, the wire is also tangle-free, but it is not fully braided. Inside the headphones, there is a magnetic diaphragm cover that filters the distortions and delivers you with premium sound.

The control button on the wire lets you pause music and resume it quickly. However, there are no volume controls on offer. The same button can be used to answer/reject calls making things convenient. 

You can also activate the voice assistant using this button, but commands like Hey Siri and Ok Google do not work with these headphones. Tuned by a Grammy-winning engineer, these headphones are perfect for a variety of tasks, including listening to music, watching videos, and more.

The bass is also powerful, and if you love rock music, these in-ear headphones deserve a place in your life. Furthermore, carrying them around is also painless, just fold the headphones and put them into your pocket.

As these are budget headphones, expecting dust and water resistance will be too much. Lastly, there are multiple colors on offer, including silver, gray, blue, and pink.

Bottom Line

1MORE Earphones have everything you can expect from the most durable headphones. They offer good sound quality, have amazing noise isolation, and a built-in mic to let you make calls.

6. Gumdrop DropTech B1 Over-Ear Best Budget Pick


  • The headphones offer pristine sound quality 
  • The braided cable is tangle and chew-proof 
  • Simple plug and play, no software installation required 
  • No distortions and blow-outs even on higher volume 


  • No built-in mic 
  • These headphones do not have a cushioned headband

If you have a packed budget but still need durable headphones that last longer, there is no better choice than Gumdrop DropTech B1 Over-Ear Headphones. These headphones may not be purely metal, but the plastic quality also feels good. 

Gumdrop has tested these headphones for drops and bumps, so you can give them to your kids without thinking twice. Pairing them with a smartphone or a PC is a no-brainer, just plug in the cable, and you are good to go.

However, the audio is not tunable, and there is no app support to adjust the equalizer. What I loved about these headphones is the 3mm, 6-feet long braided cable that doesn’t crack easily and remains free from tangles. 

The headband is also break-resistant and remains intact even if your kid twists it. Furthermore, these headphones are decent in terms of comfort, and the bug ear cushions feel good on the ears.

However, the headband does not have a cushion and is not adjustable either. The audio quality is good, making these headphones ideal for listening to lessons, watching videos, and more. 

The 32 ohms frequency protects the audio from blow outs, and you can expect a smooth listening experience. On the wire, there is a control wheel, and you can quickly adjust the volume.

Lastly, these cheap durable headphones miss out on a mic, so attending online meetings and making calls is not an option

Bottom Line

The Gumdrop Headphones are a fantastic pair ideal for kids. The headphones are very durable and offer decent sound quality. Also, they are lightweight, and wearing them for longer doesn’t cause any discomfort.

7. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Best for Wireless Enthusiasts


  • These headphones have high-resolution audio
  •  40 hours of playtime on a single charge 
  • Made using premium quality plastic 
  • Foldable design makes them portable 


  • They may be big for people with small heads
  • The cables are a bit fragile 

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 are my favorite headphones due to many reasons. To begin with, these headphones are very sturdy. The headband and the ear cups feel of good quality, and you can expect these headphones to last longer.

There is no fuss of wires, and you can comfortably wear these headphones while traveling or at home. The over-the-ear design is good, but I felt that these headphones are pretty big, and kids may not enjoy wearing them.

The headband is fully adjustable, so you can quickly tweak it to get a snug fit. On a single fit, the headphones offer a playtime of 40-hours, and you don’t have to worry about charging them every day.

The built-in noise cancellation improves the audio quality, but it may affect the battery life. Anker has provided a button on the headphones, and you can quickly turn the noise cancellation on/off. 

In addition, the audio quality offered by these wireless headphones is up to the mark, and the bass is also very impressive. You get a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you tune the equalizer. 

However, the app could be more intuitive, but it is easy to use. When it comes to traveling, you can wear these headphones comfortably around your neck. Also, the headphones are foldable, and you can easily carry them in the hard-shell case that Anker offers.

There are indicators on-board to let you quickly check the remaining battery without getting your hands on the smartphone. 

Lastly, these amazingly durable headphones are available in three stylish colors, including black, blue, and silver. 

Bottom Line

Anker Soundcore Life Headphones make the best choice if you need affordable and durable wireless headphones. The memory cups make them comfortable, and the high-res audio makes these headphones ideal for listening to music, watching movies, and attending calls.

Buying Guide: Things to Look for When Buying the Most Durable Headphones 

You purchase headphones to listen to music or watch videos, so the audio quality should be next level. However, there are many things to look for since durability is also a factor here. Below, I’ve listed a few things that’ll help you choose a perfect pair of headphones.

Type of Headphones 

The most durable headphones come in a range of options, including over-the-ear and in-ear. The choice here is entirely up to you. If you are a traveler and need minimum bulk on your head, you should choose in-ear headphones.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy listening to music and making calls from your office or home, over-the-ear headphones like Sony Premium Noise cancellation, Bluetooth Headphones can be a great pick.

Build Quality 

You cannot check the build quality of any headphones just by having a look over the picture. But you cannot overlook it as well. Always choose headphones that belong to a premium brand so that you get good quality like in a v moda crossfade.

Moreover, have a look at the headphone components such as the headband and ear cups and ensure that they are also durable. Lastly, you can skim through the customer reviews to know more about the durability of a particular pair.


The super durable headphones come in two durability options, including wired and wireless. Smartphones these days lack a 3.5mm audio jack, so wireless headphones make a lot of sense. If you don’t want the hassles of charging the battery for a better battery life, choose wired headphones. 


Most of the headphones that I have reviewed in this article are a bit heavy because of the durability aspect. The headphones should be comfortable to wear so that you can enjoy music and calls for hours. 

Some in-ear ones are more comfortable as compared to over-the-ear ones because you get the freedom of movement. Also, these headphones are ideal for wearing when working out. 


The active noise cancellation has nothing to do with the durability of a pair of headphones, but it affects your listening experience. If you need headphones to make calls, you need to buy a pair with active noise cancellation. 

Extra Features 

There are some extra features to look for in a pair of headphones, including onboard touch controls, a built-in voice assistant, and more. Always choose the features that you’ll be using to get maximum convenience with added durability like v moda crossfade.


The most durable headphones come at a range of options with varying prices. Some are pretty expensive like v moda crossfade, whereas some are budget-friendly. Have a price estimate in mind, and then start looking for these headphones to get one under your budget like jabra elite active. 


Q: Which company makes the most durable headphones?

A: There are many companies that make the most durable headphones, including Sony, Philips, Sennheiser, v moda crossfade, and more. Make sure the headphones that you are looking to buy come with a decent warranty. 

Q: Which earphones are best for long-term use?

A: The lifespan of the headphones does not depend on the connectivity. However, with the wired ones, you don’t have to worry about charging the battery and replacing it. In this list, you will find some amazing wired as well as wireless headphones that last longer and keep you entertained like v moda crossfade and jabra elite active.

Q: What is the lifespan of headphones?

A: The lifespan of the headphones depends on several factors, such as how you handle them. If you get the most durable headphones and handle them well, you can keep them for around 2-3 years. Some headphones can also last around five years. 

Q: Which headphones have the best build quality?

A: Philips Audio SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-Ear have an amazing build quality and can easily last pretty long. Also, these headphones come on a budget, and there are several models available with a built-in mic.

Q: Why do headphones break so easily?

A: Usually, headphones are not designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear, so they break easily. The only solution is getting the most durable headphones if you want them to last longer and function perfectly.


Now that you know about the most durable headphones in 2022, it is time to make a choice. Go for a pair that is sturdy, offers unmatched audio quality, and has a plethora of useful features like active noise cancellation. 

If you are looking for a recommendation, choose “Sony (MDR1000X/B) Premium Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones”. These headphones are versatile and can be used for any purpose. However, if you are on a budget, consider “Gumdrop DropTech B1 Over-Ear Headphone”. 

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