How to Hide Earbuds at Work in 2022 Easily [PROVEN WAYS]

Earbuds are perfect pals to kill boredom at work. If you have recently purchased your earbuds, you would have already turned addicted to them.

While wireless earbuds give you the advantage of eliminating wires and tangles, the problem is that wearing earbuds at work can make it quite obvious. Your strict manager might not like this approach.

In such cases, you need to disguise them so nobody notices them.

So, How to Hide Earbuds at Work?

You can use the following ways to Hide Earbuds at Work:

 hide earbuds at work

These handy tips can hide your earbuds and also save you from endless boredom.

Use a Headcover like a hat

For those with short hair, it is always a good idea to go with a bucket hat that can cover ears and also protect you at all times.

In many cases, wearing a hat is going to hide earbuds and also give you an extra style.

Is there a specific color of hat recommended? Well, not really but you can go ahead with a black hat. It might suit your attire at all times.

Make use of an earmuff

Finding it difficult to wear a hat or clothes to cover ears? You have a solution now. You should make use of an earmuff.

If you are thinking of a reason to escape from your boss for your new style, you can quote your health condition or the room temperature.

Perhaps, any boss will agree to these reasons and you can sit back and relax.

Explore a hairstyle that covers earbuds

It is not easy to adapt to a new style just for the sake of earbuds. If you have medium to long hair, it is going to rescue you right now.

Simply check on the web for new hairstyles that can hide earbuds. The point is to determine a hairstyle that covers the temple bone region. Have short hair? You may have to purchase a wig or use one of the options listed in this article.

Go for invisible wireless earbuds

Did you know that there are transparent Bluetooth earbuds available in the market?

These invisible earbuds are available in different colors and styles. Choose the one that fits your style and preference.

If you are thinking of the cost and functionality aspects, invisible wireless earbuds are either the same or slightly on the higher end.

However, there is no compromise on ease of use and functionality.

Purchase a pair of invisible wireless earbuds and use them. Your boss cannot find you wearing earbuds at the workplace. Sounds interesting, right?

Listen to music at low volumes

The biggest problem with earbud users is that we get so involved with music that we don’t know what’s happening around us.

When you listen to music at work (that is not encouraged by your boss), you should be cautious at all times.

For instance, you can use transparent earbuds at low volumes. You are double-safe by covering the earbud and also being cautious about the surrounding.

Another problem with loud earphones is that it can appear obvious that you are using earbuds.

In that case, people around you can easily find that you are disguising something.

Don’t become vulnerable by listening to music at high volumes that can disturb others as well specially if you have one earbud louder than the other- here is how to fix!

Set notifications of phones to silent

Wireless earbuds tend to play music upon pairing with a PC or a laptop or a smartphone.

In such cases, you should turn all notifications to silent on your smartphone.

When we begin listening to songs, smartphones might either vibrate or play tones to notify us about messages and calls. The problem with these triggers is that it develops suspicion of you. Don’t let that happen!

Turn off alerts temporarily or turn your phone to silent mode. Your earbuds are now good to use.

Fix a posture at work

How many times have you danced or shook your head listening to songs? While these actions are not prohibited at homes, workplaces have certain restrictions.

When you work with earbuds on, remember to settle in a posture. Stay cautious about expressions, sing-along activities, and other movements.

When you want to listen to music at work but on hiding earbuds, stay casual and also stick to a posture.

How to hide wireless earbuds in class?

The best way to hide wireless earbuds in class is to cover them with hair or a hat or fix to a posture.

As earbuds are known to distract users, they are prohibited in schools.

Unless agreed by the teacher, using earbuds is not encouraged. If you still can’t resist, you can use transparent wireless earbuds that can disguise and also enhance your mood.

Another point to note is to stay attentive by adjusting the volume of the song.

If it is your favorite song, hear it as many times as you want but at low volumes. Your mood remains unaffected.

Simultaneously, you can also stay attentive if your teacher is providing some important guidelines or teaching a critical lesson.


Using earbuds at work is known to lower productivity and distract your attention.

This is the common reason for workplaces to restrict the usage of earbuds. If your workplace permits the use of earbuds for specific periods, you can make maximum use of them.

As a wireless earbud addict, we can understand how you wanted to hide earbuds because you wanted to kill boredom at work and also double productivity.

There are two things you can do – use transparent wireless earbuds or wear a hat/loose clothes/earmuffs. All of these are likely to fetch similar effects. Just stay cautious at all times and you can continue hiding earbuds at work for long.

Good luck with your attempt at the workplace! Also make sure to follow my guide which i used when i dropped my airpod in water!

John Gurley

John Gurley

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