[Quick FIX] AirPods Flashing Orange Light in 5 Minutes!!

When you buy AirPods, it comes with a case that flashes different LED lights indicating specific information.

If you are a first-time user of AirPods, you should know that they are extremely easy to troubleshoot whenever they throw a problem.

So, How to Fix AirPods Flashing Orange Light?

The flashing orange light basically means a problem with pairing.

In order to Fix AirPods Flashing Orange Light:

airpods flashing orange light

Let’s take a look at each method in detail.

Recharge AirPods and case

The common reason for AirPods to experience a pairing issue is because either pods or the case or both are running out of charge.

If the case is fully charged, you can instantly charge AirPods as well. To double-check if you are doing it right, see if you can see green LED indicator light and this means they are fully charged.

As soon as you recharge AirPods and case, the immediate step is to turn the power on, and the light changes to blinking white which means it is ready to pair. It might not show white light sometimes if you dropped AirPods in water!

Unpair and Pair AirPods again

As we mentioned already, the flashing orange light typically denotes a pairing issue and you may have to unpair it first. This is probably the best method you can follow for any connectivity issue that you experience with AirPods. Perhaps, this is an easy solution as well.

Here is how you can unpair AirPods and re-pair them:

  • Go to Settings and then tap on Bluetooth.
  • Find your device name in the list and then tap it.
  • Press the “i” button so you get the option to forget the device.
  • Keep AirPods within the case to pair it again.
  • Close the case and then re-open after 10 seconds.
  • Long press the power button and the light color changes to white.
  • Now, go back to Settings on the phone and then pair AirPods with iPhone.

That’s it. Your AirPods and iPhone are completely paired and you will not face the same issue one more time.

Note. Make sure you know how to turn on and off the case whenever you experience a connectivity issue. This will avoid problems in the future.

Restart iPhone and AirPod

What if you have already tried unpairing devices and it didn’t work? Well, in that case, you should restart iPhone and AirPods.

Here is how you can quickly restart the iPhone.

  • Hold the Power button for 2 seconds on iPhone and you can see the red slider.
  • Slide this to the right and the device turns off.
  • Hold the Power button one more time for 2 seconds and iPhone turns on.

Here’s how you can quickly restart AirPods.

  • Unpair AirPods from the device.
  • Simply press the Power button on the back of the case for 2 seconds.
  • After 15 seconds, press the Power button and the case turns on.

You can now take AirPods outside of the case and then pair it again with the iPhone.

So, what happens when you restart the device?

All background applications are turned off and the device now responds to new functions. As a result, the device responds quickly too.

Clean Your AirPods

Is your AirPod still flashing orange light? Well, you have an even simpler solution left out. As soon as you buy AirPods, you need to look at the product manual to understand maintenance instructions.

If you wear it frequently, you should be wary of how debris from the external environment can enter and ruin the regular functionality of the device. Spending a hefty sum on a device and not maintaining it properly can drill a bigger hole in your pocket.

Remember to clean AirPods at least once a week. Unlike other devices, you cannot simply clean it with a brush or some other tool. You need to know how to clean it properly and rightly.

Here are the steps to follow.

  • To clean the case, take a cotton swab in damp condition.
  • Use it to clean the sides of the case.

If you have a cleaning solution at home (exclusively made for AirPods), you can simply dip the cotton swab and then clean it thoroughly. The solution typically contains a combination of alcohol and water that simply keeps contamination away.

  • To clean AirPods, you can take a toothpick or twist it inside the hole.
  • You can also use it to take away the debris.

When your AirPod and the case are clean, they can function extremely well and this approach also enhances the life of the device. It could also prevent one earbud not charging issue, which can be fixed with our guide if you are facing the issue.

Update AirPods Firmware

Did you know that AirPods software will have to be updated regularly? Just like how you regularly update the operating system of your device, you need to update the firmware of AirPods.

Not sure how to do it properly? Here are the steps.

  • Go to Settings and select Bluetooth.
  • Tap on the device name and press on “i”.
  • You can see the present firmware version.

If there is an update, you can see the same with a notification. Allow it to update and leave AirPods back into the case.

So, why is it important to keep the firmware updated? The biggest advantage is that it enhances the functionality. It doesn’t expose your AirPods to a new problem. Most importantly, updating the firmware version also eliminates connectivity issues. Once the update is done you may also want to get it working on your PS- but can you connect airpods to ps5?

Visit Apple service Center

Purchased your AirPods recently? You must have a warranty card with you. It is time to use this card to fix the flashing orange light.

You can try the online database of Apple that contains handy solutions to a host of problems. If the problem still persists, you can take it to the service center and you can get it replaced. While this can be a time-consuming process, you can’t skip it since AirPods would have already become an integral part of your daily life.

Why is my AirPods case blinking red while charging?

A flashing red light from your AirPod case typically means the case of an error. Often, it implies a problem with pairing and you can quickly reset the device and AirPods.

Sometimes, the blinking red light could also mean that the battery of the case is getting drained which could also mean one earbud not working – here is the solution to this issue.

Remember to charge the case before you use AirPods to listen to music or for official conversations. These are extremely simple to follow and can incur absolutely no cost.

Why are my Airpods flashing green?

The green light of AirPods indicates that the case is fully charged and is ready to use.

However, when it blinks amber, it means that it is short of one full charge.

Charge it for some more time and the battery gets full. The flashing green light is nothing to worry about since it is quite normal and similar to other devices.

Why is my airpod flashing white?

A white flashing light of AirPods implies the readiness to pair it with other devices.

You may not have to worry if you spot a flashing white light.

Alternatively, when you do not see any flashing light, it means that it is running short of charge and you may have to quickly recharge it. When Airpods are stuck with flashing white, you may have to pair it with the iPhone and it turns off.


AirPods happen to flash different colors of lights and these can have multiple meanings depending on whether they are inside or outside the case.

It could be green or white or orange light in general but the light can be solid at times. When it is flashing, it has another implication.

If your AirPods are flashing orange light, you should either charge them or unpair from the device and then pair it again. These quick tips can solve the problem right at your place and they do not incur additional costs.

If you are still unsure of fixing these lights, you may have to talk to the Apple Support team and they can guide you on chat or call based on the service you choose.

Nevertheless, AirPods are extremely easy to manage and have long lives compared to the rest. Simply carry a troubleshooting guide wherever you go and you are free from unexpected errors from AirPods and the case as well.

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