Can You Use Regular Headphones On Xbox One [How-To]

When you buy an expensive console like Xbox One, you may run short of budget to arrange other accessories needed for better user experiences.

Especially, if you are a game addict, you need excellent headphones to connect with the game.

So, Can You Use Regular Headphones On Xbox One?

Yes, regular headphones can be plugged into Xbox One with a jack or connected via Bluetooth. However, some older versions do not accept regular headphones and you may need to adjust settings or use additional adapters.

regular headphone xbox one

Now that you have learned that it is quite feasible, let us look at the step-by-step guide to connect regular headphones on Xbox One.

How to Use Regular Headphones on Xbox One?

In order to Use Regular Headphones on Xbox One, you have to:

  • Step 1: Long-press the power button on your Bluetooth headphone to enable pairing mode.
  • Step 2: Turn on your Xbox gaming console and long-press the button on the side for pairing.
  • Step 3: Once both devices are enabled for pairing, you can notice a flashing light or hear a beep on your headphone.

To double-confirm the successful pairing, you may have to play a game to confirm if the headphone is connected.

If you are facing issues with either of the devices, you can troubleshoot by following the steps below.

Firmware update

The common reason for several controllers and headphones to fail connection is because they are not updated. Especially, if you are having an old controller, the firmware needs to be updated regularly. Worry not, this can be fixed too.

Hover on to settings on your Xbox controller.

  • Go to Settings and select Device and Accessories.
  • Navigate below to check out if there are any update notifications.
  • Simply select the notification to begin updating. In case of no notifications, you have to check out other methods.

Headphone problem

Sometimes, your regular headphones could age and malfunction. This can result in an inability to pair with Xbox One.

Instead of breaking your head, you can simply attempt all the steps above with another headphone. If you can hear from the new headphone, then your old one was at fault.

Since most of us purchase updated consoles with Bluetooth headphones, the pairing gets easier. However, in some cases, there could be issues with pairing. If you have regular headphones that are not Bluetooth compatible, you should follow the methods below.

Connect Regular Headphones via Xbox One App

Here’s how to connect Regular Headphones via Xbox One App

  • Let both devices remain in pairing mode.
  • Use your mobile phone to download the Xbox One app and then log in.
  • Select the two-figured icon and then choose the headphone icon in the subsequent screen.
  • Choose your headphone name under the list of devices and then select “Set as default.”

Now, this is a way by which your Xbox learns to play music using headphones going forward. You do not have to adjust settings anymore.

Connect Regular Headphones to Xbox One via PC

Wanting to have a rich experience while playing games is no more a distant dream. If the direct pairing doesn’t work, you can also use your PC to connect regular headphones to Xbox One.

Here’s how to connect Regular Headphones via PC:

  • Connect PC to the same wireless network that your Xbox is connected to.
  • Log in to the Microsoft site and download the Xbox app.
  • As soon as you install, the app automatically searches nearby devices.
  • When your console name is highlighted, simply select it and the connection will happen.
  • When the pairing mode is complete, you can play games and also hear exciting sounds on your headphones.

Note. For the connection to be successful, you need to enable Bluetooth on headphones as well as PC.

If you are wondering why a PC is even needed, it is because your console isn’t connecting in the present arrangement. By engaging a middleman like a PC, your console and headphones connect to the PC and the PC would then enable sounds.

The interesting point is that you do not have to spend a penny on it like you have to spend if you dropped airpod in water – but here is a simple solution to fix it!

Connect Regular Headphones to Xbox One via adaptor

What if neither of the options mentioned above works? You are forced to make use of a Bluetooth adaptor.

The bottom line with this method is that you may have to spend a few dollars to purchase the adaptor and then make it work on your console.

Follow the steps to Connect Regular Headphones to Xbox One via adaptor:

  • Turn on pairing mode on headphones.
  • Insert Bluetooth adaptor into 3.5 mm jack on your controller.
  • As soon as the adaptor is fixed, long-press pairing button.
  • You should see a flashing light confirming successful pairing.

While this can be a “beat around the bush” methodology, it appears tough initially. Once the connection is done, you do not have to worry about the connection going forward.

Connect Regular Headphones with Xbox One via TV

Perhaps, a TV can still be used to connect headphones to Xbox One. Similar to how a PC works, a TV can also be used with the help of an HDMI cable.

Follow the steps below for a successful connection.

  • Turn on pairing mode on your Bluetooth headphones.
  • Turn on the TV and turn on Bluetooth.
  • As soon as headphones and TV are connected, plug in the HDMI cable for connection between TV and Xbox One.

When the connection is enabled, you can use a TV remote to adjust volume and also listen to game sounds via Bluetooth headphones.

Note. Just learn how to connect HDMI cable and you are sorted.

How to connect a headset to Xbox One without the adapter?

Connecting a headset to Xbox One without an adapter is still feasible by involving a PC or laptop or alternate earbuds or a TV.

We have mentioned the exact method to pair headphones to Xbox via these ways in the previous section. However, keep in mind that an adapter is not mandatory for a successful connection.

A common question asked by people when they connect regular headphones on Xbox One without an adapter is – can audio settings be controlled? The answer is yes. Simply tap the Xbox button that you can see on your controller and the guide opens.

Tap on Speaker and then select Audio from it. You can see options to adjust headset volume or even mute it if not needed.

In this case, it only needs a few seconds to adjust the audio settings.

Can you use regular headphones as a mic on Xbox One?

Yes, you can use regular headphones as a mic on Xbox One.

If you already have access to a microphone, you can directly insert it into the console.

However, several Bluetooth headphones have an inbuilt mic so all you need to do is to adjust input sources. When you do not want to spend extra bucks towards a mic, you can probably check with your existing headphone and see if it has mic capability.

Alternatively, you can also purchase a detachable mic to comment on experiences or chat with other players. This makes you feel like a pro and remain extra connected to the game.

Most importantly, it upgrades your experience and might leave you tempted to play more.


Playing on a gaming console like Xbox One gives a stunning experience. Especially, if you have the option to listen to gaming sounds, nothing like it.

If you have Bluetooth-compatible headphones, the process is straightforward. However, if it poses a compatibility issue, you have other options like engaging a PC or a TV or purchasing an external adaptor to simplify the process.

In this article, we have also covered key challenges that you can potentially encounter during the troubleshooting process.

Nevertheless, you can still use regular headphones on Xbox One and enjoy a seamless experience. No need for extra bucks (unless the situation demands you to spend)!

Happy gaming with Xbox One (with your regular headphones)!

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John Gurley

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