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Your Price:
$79.99 (You save $70.00)
Lifetime Warranty Against sweat.

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Product Description



Our new and improved Uberbuds X Design - Flawless bluetooth signal, premium audio drivers, and perfect accessories.   



MSRP: $149.99


UberBuds X® 

Bluetooth/NFC Wireless Earbuds.  Wireless Sound at its best.

Our new and improved design is meant for the outdoors. Uberbuds X Bluetooth Earbuds for iphone or android devices are fully Bluetooth® and NFC (Near Field Communication) wireless and tangle-free.  Uberbuds X deliver rich audio sound that is rare in such a compact and versatile package.  Our engineers have carefully updated and improved on our original Uberbuds hardware and sofware.  UberBuds X comes with premium bluetooth signal (zero dropping of signal), UberTöneTMdrivers, and a new micro USB charger.  It is perfect for music, phone calls, or games. 


See Video Here: https://app.box.com/s/50zmbdhbhyqsaw8s2zuq





Lifetime Warranty TM

At Musemini.com, we design for the active, the on the move, the movers and shakers.  We have a single goal of creating premium products for the active consumer.  That’s why we offer a Lifetime Warranty against sweat with our UberBuds X.  We’ve implemented patented nanotechnology by treating our UberBuds X with a hydrophobic (waterproof) solution. This nano-coating results in invisible liquid repellent properties that make Uberbuds X® more reliable and resilient for outdoor conditions.  This is a value add that shows how UberBuds X are designed to be outdoors. Very few companies dedicate the time and energy to provide this value-add in a premium product.




We carefully engineered our Bluetooth® 4.0 and it’s  AAC to produce a rich audio sound from high fidelity drivers.  Stream Bluetooth wireless from any AAC compatible device: iPad®, iPhone® , Android®  and Blackberry®  devices.  Through a careful design process maximizing sound output without sacrificing sound quality, our UberToneTM is one of the main features that allow you to experience your music like you never have in a Bluetooth headset.  Range of up to 30 feet (line of sight distance).






Three sizes of buds offer a variety of sizes options.  To provide added support and stay protection, Uberbuds offers the UberStaysTM that hug the critical portion of your ear for added performance and support when you are focused on your sport.  They are optimized for long workouts and runs that required a high level of movement and activity. Also included are the Cord Adapters which allow you to shorten the excess cord for customized length achieving a perfect fit.




Li-Ion Battery and BudClipTM

UberBuds are one of the smallest Bluetooth® buds on the market and they even pack a whopping 8 hours of playtime on a single charge. That means you can enjoy a full day of music and calls or a daily 1-hour workout for 7 days  before you need to recharge.  With our proprietary BudClipTM you can rapidly charge your buds without worrying about.






Group Telephone Meeting (GTM) for the active, for the executive, for you.  These portable and lightweight earbuds let you blast your music and take any phone call with the premium Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and full duplex echo cancellation microphone.  Stop the music, take care of your phone call, and then let the party play on, all hands free.  Be on a 5-mile run or on jam session and take your meeting outdoors without the slightest hint of background noise.







SignalROM TM

SignalROMTM (Range of Motion) is a key feature when using UberBuds during activities. It was designed to allow you to place your paired device anywhere near your body: short pockets, shirt pockets, gym bag.   Place your device anywhere near your body and UberBuds maintains a clear Bluetooth® signal with rich audio sound.  This results in skip-free and truly wireless music.



In The Box

- 1 UberBuds

- 1 UberStaysTM

- 3 Earbud Tips

- 1 Charger BudClipTM

- 1 Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews
7 product reviews
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Product Reviews

  1. Unknown
    24th Sep 2015
    Zero customer service
    I have the other model of uberbud. Their website reads: "And yes, we return most, if not all items (assuming you didn't run over it with your car or a dog ate it):" I have emailed three times for return instructions over the past two months and have yet to receive a reply. How can a company claim to return anything when their emails fall on deaf ears?

    Very disappointed!
  2. Gloria H.
    4th Jun 2014
    Veryyyyy veryyyyyy happy with this purchase!
    This tanglefree earbuds is great value for the price. It is comfortable to wear and waterproof too.
  3. Deborah Richardson
    4th Jun 2014
    I am a proud owner of UberBudsX
    Trust me! You will love this bluetooth earbuds for its clarity of music, style and features.
  4. Carletta Burke
    4th Jun 2014
    Worth its price
    I bought this pair of earbuds two months ago and till now I haven't been able to identify any flaw. I have also recommended my sister-in-law to purchase UberBudsX earbuds.
  5. Jesse Rice
    4th Jun 2014
    Ideal for outdoor use
    Being a fitness freak and a music lover, I was looking for a sport headphone that I can use both outdoors as well as while working out in the gym. UberBuds serves me perfectly both indoors and outdoors.
  6. Bridget Hayes
    4th Jun 2014
    Amazing audio quality
    The nature of my job entails frequent travel for which I often have to attend meetings outdoor. UberbudsX allows me to attend my official meetings
    the go, and that too, without any disturbance. It produces clear and crisp sound without the slightest background noise.
  7. Rebecca Jones
    4th Jun 2014
    Perfect companion for my iPhone
    I love music & was trying to find out the perfect bluetooth earbuds that are compatible with my iPhone. UberBudsX allows me to enjoy music incessantly throughout the day.