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Original MuseMini | Bluetooth

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$24.99 (You save $25.00)
A lot of awesome in one tiny package. We guarantee this will blast your music. We cannot guarantee it dispenses Salt or Pepper.

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Product Description



Bluetooth Mini Speaker, Wireless, Rechargeable

Compatible speaker with ipod, ipad, cd, mp3, mp4, laptop, computer




MuseMini - Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker

The Proof is in the Pudding - See Our Feedback! - 

---We can't make this stuff up, actual customer feedback ---

"Truly brilliant product and service. Many thanks. Nicky."

" Good price! Really huge sound from small speaker! I'm really happy!"

"My husband was thrilled with this tiny, powerful speaker. Thanks!"  

"I do love it. Using it with my Xoom. My new favorite toy. thanks."  

"Good Deal... Cool Speaker.... Fast Shipping... Thanks!" 

"Awesome Seller and Product!!! A+++++++++++++!!!!!!!" 

"Great tiny speaker; excellent sound. Fast and reasonable shipping, too. Thanks!"

"awsome!!! perfect!! cant belive the sound out of such little speaker!!!!" 

"wow nice... i love these speakers thanks i 100 recommend this item"

"Very happy repeat customer! BEST MINI SPEAKER OUT THERE!" 

Muse Mini BLUETOOTH Portable Speaker

Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you don't like it, return for 100% money back.


Muddy Compass, the inventors of the Muse Mini Speaker are pleased to bring to you a very awesome award winning new product. Muse Mini BLUETOOTH Portable Speakers – the SMALLEST speaker in the market with the LOUDEST sound. AWARD WINNING 360 degree sound in one tiny and powerful speaker!!! This has very quickly become a highly sought-after speaker due to it’s size, performance, and ability to connect to any audio device, anytime. Plus you get an option for Bluetooth?! Are you kidding me? This is the first speaker that has been designed to be affordable and have premium performance.

Ideal for iPhones, iPod, mp3, CD, laptop, iPads, cell phones, tablets, computers, notebooks, netbooks and audio players.

From the moment you look at this speaker you know it is something special. This Muse really is miniature…It may be small but it packs a big punch.

Maximum sound, minimum size.

It challenges the notion that bigger is better and with it’s quick performance on the go, it is destined to be a must-have for all your audio needs. With its brand new sleek cylindrical design incorporating ONE speaker in a gimmick-LESS “pop-up bass booster” the performance is sound at it’s best. So no matter what your flavor, these speakers fit with all customers:

Hikers, campers, business travelers, ski-bums, runners, Sunday-Morning Cyclers, book worms, couch potatoes, podcast lovers!

Your Music, Our Speaker.

The award winning sound and design was developed in the USA and the Muse Mini Portable SpeakerTM is expertly designed to be ultraportable, fashionable and precisely engineered by sound professionals to deliver a superior sound. With a Li-ion battery there are now worries for buying batteries over and over. Keep it charged and you get to keep jammin. When you have the Muse Mini Speaker there are no worries! With a short 1 hour charge time and a whopping 8 hours playback on a single charge you will see that this really is the ultimate portable sound solution!

Bluetooth? What is that? There is also an option for Bluetooth in this award winning speaker. Yep, connect from 10 meters (30ft) away for crystal clear sound. By far one of the most popular stocking stuffers this year. Be sure to check our videos for the bluetooth example.

Move to the Muse.

  • Model: Muse Mini Portable Speaker
  • Dimension (LxWxH) : 43mm x 50 mm
  • Net weight: 178g
  • Loudspeaker Output: 2.2w
  • Frequency range: 2.401-2 .480 GHZ (2.4GHz ISM Segment)
  • Signal to noise: -95db +-2db
  • Play backtime: up to 4 hours
  • Battery charging voltage: 5v/+0.5v
  • Battery charge time: 5v input - 1.5 hours

• Work Current: • Standby Current: • Play backtime: up to 8 hours
• Range: • Bluetooth Versions: V2.1, V2.0, V1.1, and V1.2 Standard (A2DP, AVRCP)

FCC, CE, RoHS Compliant
  • Muse Mini Speaker
  • USB Charger
  • Audio Cord
  • Product Information Insert
  • Connect to the audio out port on your computer or other musical device
  1. Push the button on the head of the mini speaker to turn sound on or off
  2. Volume control: adjust the volume using the controls on your MP3 player, mobile phone,computer,DVD player ...etc .
Product Specs:
  1. Dimension: D( 43 MM)* H( 50 MM)
  2. Material: ABS case
  3. Power output: 2.2W
  4. SNR: -95±2dB
  5. Speakers: D36mm(20HZ-20KHZ)
  6. Lithium ion battery input: DC5V
  7. Colors available: Black, silver,white, blue...etc

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  3. Unknown
    31st Aug 2013
    Delivery time too long!!!
    Nice product, love it, well packed but the shipping and delivery? kind of a pain in the neck. Too looooong!!!
  4. Unknown
    1st Aug 2013
    Love my Muse Mini, very impressed by the workmanship and sound quality. Very well packaged as well. The Bluetooth technology works great. Used my Ipad from my bedroom to listen to music outdoors. Had no problems. Highly recommend it.
  5. Unknown
    25th Jul 2013
    Love it
    This is the best little speaker I have ever seen and heard. Everyone loves it. 4 people are getting one just from hearing mine.
  6. Neva
    5th Feb 2013
    Great Product & Great Customer Service = :)
    I received the Musemini bluetooth portable speaker as a Christmas present from my very tech-savy brother, and I LOVE it! It has great sound and I love using it with my Pandora phone app while getting ready in the morning.

    The speaker has worked great with my phone setting up in seconds from the very beginning. Perfectly. Every. Time.
    When I first got the speaker it hooked up with my laptop with little effort, and worked great, but then I was having trouble and could NOT get it to connect. I got frustrated after looking for troubleshooting details, and began using it solely with my phone.

    I messaged for email help to see if they could resolve my issue, and they were prompt (maybe a day I think) and gave very good instructions but it still didn't work. I started thinking it was just my computer.
    A few days later the company emailed me again to see if it worked. I WAS SO IMPRESSED that they had such good follow-up with their customer service! Seriously. I told them again that it wasn't working, but that it was okay, and then they gave me more suggestions, explained that laptops can be tricky, and I figured WTH I'll try again. Don't know why or how, but then it worked! I use it for laptop & phone now and I love it.
    So great to find a great product that comes from a company that offers such great customer service! Kudos!!
    So if you have trouble
  7. Remi
    9th Sep 2012
    An amusing Muse
    After a couple of months:
    - sound is very good and loudness surprising in view of diminutive size
    - very simple to set up and use (inc. Bluetooth)
    - there is something loose inside but it works nonetheless
    - great conversation piece...
  8. Unknown
    9th Jul 2012
    Great little speaker
    This is a fabulous little speaker, with great sound. The only drawback that I see is the flashing blue light in the "bluetooth" mode, which is aggravating and could also make the product dangerous for someone with epilepsy. That said, I still intend to buy them for everyone in the family.
  9. barberch
    10th Jun 2012
    Great Sound
    This little thing has great sound, long battery life, and the bluetooth makes it very convenient.
  10. Mary
    14th Dec 2011
    big sound little size
    This provides very big sound out of such a small device. Have used with both my droid phone and laptop. Have used it in a class to provide sound for a DVD played on my laptop. Enough volume for entire class to hear easily. Now if you are really into full range perfect musical quality this is good but not concert sound but very adequate for most portable listening like at the pool or beach on your phone