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ClipR - NFC/Bluetooth Headphone Adapter - only 1.625 inches in diameter! Clip on your shirt or jacket and get moving! Jam your music or take a phone call with the built-in microphone. Truly Wireless Sound Evolution. A+ NEW YORK TIMES REVIEW! BEST GADGETS 2014 AWARD - MEN'S JOURNAL!

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Product Description

SEE US IN h1-mens-journal.png ?

-Men's Journal : March Issue 2014

"Awarded 2014 Best Toys, Tools, and Gadgets"



 "The sound quality was astonishingly good"




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Instruction Manual




ClipR, at only 1.625 inches in diameter, is fully a NFC enabled and Bluetooth 4.0 receiver meant for your home stereo, headphones, car, speaker, you name it if it has a 3.5mm jack. ClipR Bluetooth Dongle delivers rich audio sound wireless from any NFC-Bluetooth enabled device.  It is rare in such a compact and versatile package. For use in your home or outdoors and with incredibly small size, the ClipR is perfect for music, phone calls, or games.  Clip on and Rock on with the built in clip that attaches to any surface. Wireless connect your world with superior wireless performance.






Rugged ClipR.   

Rugged and Fully Splashproof

Coated with a special rubber polymer that is rugged enough to to be used when ripping the slopes or running the trail – fully splashproof. The size of a half dollar, the ClipR is small and compact enough to be discreetly clipped anywhere for on-the-go use. 


FutureConnectTM With Near Field Communication

Simple and Easy Wireless Setup.

Carefully engineered,  our Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC (near field communication), produce a rich audio sound transmission to any audio output.  Connect in seconds with NFC or pair with Bluetooth wireless from any NFC/AAC compatible device: iPad®, iPhone® , Android®  and Blackberry®  devices.  Through a careful design process maximizing sound output without sacrificing sound quality, our FutureConnectTM is one of the main features that allow you to experience your music like you never have in a Bluetooth adapter.  Range of up to 30 feet. Fully Wireless, Fully Portable, meant for any setting (indoors or outdoors). Pairs up to 6 devices.





   Total Control in Your hands.

   ClipRControlTM allows you to control your audio right from the device.  With built in controls on the front and    side, you can control tracks, volume, and phone calls right from the touch of your finger.  We put the total      audio control in your hands and we give it all to you in one single device.




Use indoors or outdoors. 

We designed ClipRTM to be used in all settings in your home, on the road, or even outdoors.  It is so small you can clip it to your shirt, pants, shorts and barely even notice it.  The size of a half-dollar, this is truly a wireless adapter that is best in class.  Coated with a special rubber polymer, it is rugged enough to be used when ripping the slopes or running the trail.

Battery and Charger

Play for hours and charge with ease.

ClipR is one of the smallest Bluetooth® adapters on the market and they even pack a whopping 8 hours of playtime on a single charge. That means you can enjoy a full day of music and calls or a daily 1-hour workout for 7 days  before you need to recharge.  Quickly charge your device with our standard Micro USB charger.


Noise Cancelling microphone for all phone calls. 

Group Telephone Meeting (GTM) for the active, for the executive, for you.  This portable and lightweight adapter let you blast your music and take any phone call with the premium Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and full duplex echo cancellation microphone.  That’s correct, the microphone is built into ClipR.  So if you  have earbuds without a microphone, we have you covered.  Stop the music, take care of your phone call, and then let the party play on, all hands free.  Be on a 5-mile run or on jam session and take your meeting outdoors without the slightest hint of background noise.

SignalROM TM

Place within 30 feet of device and play on.

SignalROMTM (Range of Motion) is a key feature when using ClipR during activities. It was designed to allow you to place your paired device anywhere near your body: short pockets, shirt pockets, gym bag.   Place your device anywhere near your body and ClipR maintains a clear Bluetooth® signal with rich audio sound.  This results in skip-free and truly wireless music.

WarrantyUp TM

Industry best Warranty Policies.

At Musemini.com, we design for the active, the on the move, the movers and shakers.  We have a single goal of creating premium products for the active consumer.  That’s why we offer WarrantyUp TM :  1 YR MFR warranty with ClipR.  



In The Box

- 1 ClipRTM by Musemini.com

- 1 Micro USB Charge

- 1 Mini Audio Cord for Home Stereo or Speaker Connection

- 1 User manual


Technical Specifications:

1.Bluetooth Version: CSR V4.0  and NFC
2.Frequency: 2.4GHz~2.48GHz
3.Profile supported: Headset and hands free, HSP ,A2DP ,AVRCP
4.Hi Fi audio
5.Operation range:10 m
6.Talking time:7~8Hours
7.Music playing time:6~7 Hours
8.Stand-by time:150~180 Hours
9.1.625" in diameter



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Product Reviews

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  1. Diana Lawrence
    16th Jan 2014
    ClipR is going to be a hit
    This unit works really great. It is easy to operate and has met almost all my expectations.
  2. Amber Solomon
    16th Jan 2014
    Convenient and Portable!
    ClipR is worth the investment. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a bluetooth transceiver that is portable, convenient to use and affordable.
  3. Yvonne Jones
    16th Jan 2014
    Outstanding Performance
    A solid device that has served me well. I just ordered a second one for my best friend.
  4. Patricia Rodrigues
    16th Jan 2014
    Works smoothly
    I use ClipR several times a day and it functions without the least problem. I am highly satisfied with this device and would recommend it to everyone.
  5. Juanita Cooper
    16th Jan 2014
    Good Deal
    ClipR's price, quality and design deserves full marks.
  6. Jackie Braxton
    16th Jan 2014
    Best Bluetooth transceiver !
    I am glad to have purchased ClipR. I have used several bluetooth transceivers before, but ClipR is the first device that has met all my expectations in a flawless manner.
  7. Kathy Wilson
    16th Jan 2014
    I am in love with ClipR
    I am highly pleased with the purchase, and recommend ClipR to anyone looking for an efficient and affordable transceiver.
  8. Barbara Stratwick
    15th Jan 2014
    Totally Incredible!
    The engineers of ClipR have really come up with a great device! The product has great potential.I'm gonna purchase two more, for my hubby and brother.
  9. Rick Ballamy
    15th Jan 2014
    A real cool device
    This is the kind of device I was looking for. Now I can walk, run, drive anywhere listening to my favorite tracks.
  10. Suzette Davis
    15th Jan 2014
    My morning walk companion
    I am very fond of music and ever since I have purchased ClipR, morning walks have become a more interesting experience for me.
  11. Joey Burts
    15th Jan 2014
    Very Useful device
    ClipR sounds great. I am glad to purchase this product for me and my family.
  12. Mona Devlin
    15th Jan 2014
    Wow is the word!
    ClipR works like magic. Portable, light, easy to use and affordable; What else can you ask for???
  13. Ricky Devlin
    15th Jan 2014
    ClipR is matchless!
    Finally I have found the perfect companion for me. I use it regularly while working out, jogging, hiking, mowing the lawn or motorcycling.
  14. Tanya Smith
    15th Jan 2014
    Awesome in every way!
    I am impressed by its functionality and good sound quality. ClipR does its job perfectly.
  15. Unknown
    15th Jan 2014
    A perfectly designed gadget
    ClipR is so convenient and easy to use. I am really happy with my purchase.
  16. Bridget Moore
    15th Jan 2014
    Good value for money
    This tiny device is not only cute but also works impeccably. I can use it outdoors as well as indoors and it never fails to amaze me with its audio quality.
  17. Stephen L
    15th Jan 2014
    Amazing Performance
    Works really good! Well worth the very reasonable cost.
  18. Sharon Gomes
    14th Jan 2014
    Overall works great
    ClipR fulfils its promise by maintaining a crystal clear Bluetooth signal with rich audio sound.
  19. David Burrows
    14th Jan 2014
    I am the Proud owner of ClipR
    Great little product. For the money, you won't find a better bluetooth transceiver.
  20. Henry B
    14th Jan 2014
    Just Terrific!
    Initially I was not very sure about the performane of ClipR; but after using this awesome device, I have realized that it is a MUST BUY !

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