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About Us

ABOUT MUSEMINI.COM                  







     PO BOX 551

     Calistoga, CA 94515 





 We believe in making products that reflect who you are. We design,  create, and produce a variety of accessories meant to let you be you.  We were created out of a simple desire to make products that you need, products you wish existed, and products that set you free. Freedom from poor design, bland colors, and generic style - all the blah you see on shelves.  Express yourself, slap on some colors and be heard.  

Everyone is different, everyone is on the go...that's why we exist. For you - the on-the-go, out the door, jumping up and down, rocking out to beethoven remix.  To each their own.  We believe you deserve better, better products, better design, better accessories. 

With global sales, we are here...and we hear you. We create for you.  Through our global travel and exhilirating experiences, we design and get inspiration to create a single expression: live life, love life, and be adventurous.  

We welcome you to Musemini.com.  Enjoy.